Precious and attractive: the world's most expensive ham

Representatives of Spanish cuisine

Iberian pork ham is a Spanish tradition has AOC raw ham, a representative of Spanish cuisine. This ham comes from a pig meat source Iberian species. This pig living in the oak forest, only to acorns for food, which is said to be one of the black Iberian pork delicious secret. Another secret is a legend of these pig daily 5:00 to be driven out herding people running to ensure tight fleshy, and most importantly, do not let the precious fat because of too much sweat and loss. Iberian pig is a must to be able to store fat in the muscle fibers, giving the meat its unique taste. The reason why it's fat precious, because they do not contain the so-called bad cholesterol, so even if it looks Youguangzengliang, almost transparent, but also very healthy.
High happiness index ham
In a completely natural environment growing up black hoof pig, should be have a high happiness index herd who imagined that their meat with happiness factor should. Their proportion of the proper muscle and fat, no fat. When you are a professional chef for the next piece of red and white slices, ham thin as onion skin, in your mouth, you will immediately be attracted to that rich meaty, saying that people did not aroma lips and teeth too. With wine or liqueur, and immediately lets you instantly understand the meaning of happiness.
Need producing
It is an integral part of many Spanish dishes ingredients. We can see its shadow on many party snacks. But not necessarily using a top-Iberian ham. Real top Iberian ham, definitely not too dry as people think, it is wood, but smooth and mellow, salty one. Iberian ham is strictly origin authentication and protection, like French champagne, China's Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs. Only Spain grown closest to the black Iberian pig hoof boar breed, in the unique climate of the Mediterranean and the Atlantic Ocean south of the junction of the Spanish natural dry mature, eligible to become Spain's most expensive ingredients. In Spain, Iberian ham, there are three important areas, namely GUIJUELO, JABUGO, TERUEL, Andalusia JABUGO which is recognized as the best producing areas.
Ham artwork
On a good Iberian ham will be boxed, then wrapped in black velvet, with a long knife configuration gallows. In a major celebration occasions, it appeared to Yanyaqunfang become the object of pursuit crowd. It exudes a light body fat chef slices in light to fall by the sword in the white plate, like a marble texture image seems like a work of art. And often with a wooden frame, with a long knife also appears full posture!
Perfect flavor
A common Iberian ham ham from pigs to take two years, and good even take five years, enough reflected precious. In order to deserve it unique in the world of delicious, even the chef's cut is a must, be sure to cut almost transparent, uniform, in order to enjoy the most unique ham flavor. But it is said machines will be more perfect than hand-cut, so there will be Spanish chefs traveled to China to bring specialized machines, just to let guests enjoy the most perfect taste.
How to Enjoy
Iberian ham to use the clutch when eating with a knife and fork becomes hypocritical! The most distinctive eat, than now on the toasted bread slices coated with pesto, tomatoes and olive oil again, put on a few slices of ham rolled Remember placed at the edge of the bread slices, and then just enjoy the big mouth , you'll know! If matched with a mouthful of good champagne or wine, it goes without saying that delicious!

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