Jean-Paul Hévin With sweet creative gift of mother's day

Gourmet chocolate master in France Jean-Paul Hévin in the coming mother's day (May 11) present particularly irresistible "mother and daughter two people" world afternoon tea "of the package, and a series of chocolate desserts, let all the children can take this opportunity to the most important thing in life" she "to express a deep affection.
Enjoy "mother and daughter two people" world afternoon tea "mother will relax and enjoy is treated like the queen, gourmet surprise everything with salty sweet more choice.

This theme afternoon tea set supply more appetizing food that tastes delicate, including green bean soup, shrimp cocktail, salmon, tuna, cucumber roll and pancakes.
While star dessert has two roses truffle chocolate, roses and Perilla blackcurrant flavors French almond cake, Quinola two pieces of cake, chocolate and Neo and Troglodyte two flavors of brand promotion sandwich chocolate. This characteristic theme afternoon tea set meal at the same time for the guests in the mini bag four match with famous brand defends jam, rhubarb and grass and rose tea for two people to enjoy.
In addition to this, also can choose other special dessert to her mother's adult "love", including rose hot chocolate taste rich, taste light rose blackberry French almond cake, or rich layers of pink truffle chocolate (blackberry caramel sandwich, outer sprinkle with pink icing sugar). Taste, a mother could love don't tree has Pause Gourmande, this taste soft slippery strawberry cheesecake entrance, directly by the French rose tea aroma with tian.

Other selected gifts including square truffle chocolate gift box (a total of 24, pink truffle and plain chocolate truffle chocolate tastes each style each 12), in this important day for mothers collected their sweetest memories.
As for full of interesting "the Make - Up Coffret makeup combination" is a mix of six piece of sandwich, chocolate flavors including Amareno, Caraibes (golden and silver) and Salome (pink), along with exquisite makeup brush chocolate gift box, Make mother more fondle admiringly.

Exquisite packaging "mini blue tank pink black truffle chocolate" (10), or for mother, special gift box, including canned rose tea pot, small canned pink truffle (10) a tin of chocolate and small cans of milk caramel almond (100 grams) a can, also can help mother to create unforgettable memories.
No believe in anyone's life is greater than the mother and important people, so everyone should cherish this once a year to mother's holiday, from France Jean-Paul Hévin Chocolatier a series of extremely use up tempting sweet beauty, send their deepest gratitude.

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