Explore underground salt mine Wieliczka "Salt" palace of art

Wieliczka Salt Mine how deep?
Wieliczka Salt Mine
Wieliczka Salt Mine is one of the oldest salt mine in the world, has brought countless brilliant to Poland, in the 14th century, salt and produces more than 30% of national income. From 1826 to 1846, the salt water in the mine is used as a spa. In 1950, part of the salt mine area all kept museum construction, opening to the outside world. In 1958, salt spa was restored. Been listed as a world heritage site in 1978 is still in production, until 1996, salt, salt layer was exhausted.
Today,Wieliczka Salt Mine has become one of Poland's most popular attractions, also known as one of ten big strange sights in the world, fewer than 20000 willy strange city, local residents will receive about 1.5 million visitors a year.
The second largest city from Poland Krakow to Wieliczka Salt Mine there are two types of transportation: one is the train, the other one is the bus. I take the bus. Arrived at salt mine sites, light team waited in line for more than ten meters, in stark contrast to along the way of the cold and cheerless. Basic it is westerners, however, very few Asian faces. Can't think of such a rather less popular scenic spots at home, in foreign tourists, is so popular.
Wieliczka Salt Mine
Wieliczka Salt Mine is divided into 9 floor underground, there are more than 100 kilometers of the tunnel, is the 13th century when to mine salt mine tunnel excavation. A salt mine, since the 13th century mining has been discontinued. Ore to go under the stairs, I am fully after the 378 stairs to reach the salt mining. No matter how is the weather out there, the temperature here always stay around 14 , the air is fresh and pure. In 65 meters to 135 meters underground have a labyrinth of three layers, including channel two kilometers long and 20 rooms, also for tourists to visit. I don't know what is the height of the life can reach the highest, but I am almost sure, this is to visit the deepest underground sights in my life, what's more, this is the place where can one step a footprint walk to the end, only by this, willy chica salt have enough reason to let you to experience .
"You can't touch anything here." The tour guide said, "can only be licking the wall, salty, right?
True have visitors licked, but not me.
Wieliczka Salt Mine
Different tour guide, with a group of 20 people, through every corner of the salt mine, use different languages here tells the story of the past eight centuries, have bitterness, sweat and passion, also have joy, but more is that a sense of pride, and this place only 80 kilometers away from the tour guide at auschwitz tone, have too much different.
Don't know if it in the ground, the relationship between the walls all around some wet, so stay for a long time, can let a person feel a little cold, if possible, it is better to bring a coat, encounter. Also because of the underground salt mine all construction material is given priority to with lumber, almost all lead to the security risk is very big, every twenty or thirty meters will put a fire extinguisher. The only one of the fire extinguisher has become our line of sight of the red point, it is this red that gives me some sense of security.
Because since 1996, salt mine has been shut down, so the whole course of the visit did not encounter any mining field. With the improvement of the tourism industry, the whole route lights are bright, many salt lake and even increase the laser show, accompanied by music, the visitors back to the once during the years of passion burning.

The princess into the salt of the ring
Wieliczka Salt Mine

In Poland, the myth about the gold card princess, salt mine is built according to the story myth hall, displaying the miners to princess gold salt sculpture group.
Long ago, a king in Hungary will be their daughter gold princess betrothed to Krakow dagong bao les watts. What, run the dowry, the king asked his daughter like her daughter replied: "like a salt mine." King asked: "why?" Daughter answer: "Poland without salt, salt will bring happiness to the poles and comfort." The king nodded and answered, the princess immediately took off an engagement ring into the mara jose tired salt mine. The gold card after married princess with bao les wagh, sent Wieliczka take salt mining, in people with a grain of salt, a miracle: the people in  Wieliczka  dug out of the salt not only, also found in the first piece of rock salt, the princess into salt mine in the ring. Marla jose in a salt mine really tired, along with the gold card princess came to Poland. From then on, the poles are no longer worry day without salt. Because of the salt in the hand, poles at a dinner party can proudly say: "no salt, no taste."
Wieliczka Salt Mine
Traveling in the salt mine so special, souvenir is little not, beside the princess st Kim and chapel has special souvenir shop, salt is perhaps the most distinctive desk lamp and salt do bracelet. Salt lamp is pink, blue and white more, is salt. Most of the salt lamp is in the simple wooden lamp cover a beautiful salt lamp shade. And this kind of lamp it is said that you can use more than 10 years. Holding the weight slightly salt system desk lamp, but return don't climb the stairs, but the elevator, 7 a, 135 m vertical distance, though, already a long time, but he seems to maintain strength, don't worry about it.
Holding the weight slightly salt system desk lamp, but return don't climb the stairs, but the elevator, 7 a, 135 m vertical distance, though, already a long time, but he seems to maintain strength, don't worry about it.
The whole process of  Wieliczka Salt Mine  visit about 2 hours or so, may be the news caused by domestic coal mine, before you go to old think there will be no danger? But along the way, in addition to attracted to refined salt sculpture, more exclamatory is salt mine safety production environment, can say, the impression of mine completely overturned in my heart.
Wieliczka Salt Mine
Travel is a kind of experience, not simply to see the beautiful scenery is travel, experience along the way, for the development of the local culture, or going to some special attractions, come, for example in this paper,  Wieliczka Salt Mine , maybe you will find that the world, really can not.

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