Marc Jacobs Marc Jacobs will expand the brand influence

• Marc Jacobs Marc Jacobs will expand the brand influence, according to "ELLE" reported that the reason for this is that Marc Jacobs, the greater expansion of the brand influence, in addition, he can devote more time on and reunite families. Marc Jacobs I had the luxury brand Louis Vuitton design director of the company board has done, during which two of his own brand, "Marc Jacobs •" and "• Marc by Marc Jacobs" have suffered due to his negligence some bad effects. He admitted that he did not like the design team without a head no, I do not know how to do it. Whether accessories, bags or shoes, which have lost the definition of design, and the only people who can change this situation is his own. So, that would explain why he urgently needs to restructure his brand.

In addition to the design team for rectification, there are four aspects need him cored. The first is the brand logo, he thinks he needs to re-brand logo design, packaging, shopping bags and store decor needs to be adjusted. The second aspect is the brand name, the cards • Marc Jacobs Marc by Marc Jacobs • The company moved to New York from London, England, before he was not very fond of the name, the new name he have thought , but it is still not announced. The third is the need to adjust the shoes, his brand of shoes and accessories bags clothing is relatively poor visibility of the point he wants to change this situation. The last aspect is to establish Mark flagship store, Marc Jacobs • covers all want to build a brand's flagship store of his own to facilitate a comprehensive customer spending.

Earlier, in 1997, early 30s, the image of unruly New Yorker Marc Jacobs was selected as the artistic director of Louis Vuitton. Before he joined, Louis Vuitton bags product line is one of only traditional French brands. Although at the time in the world has opened more than 100 stores, and in Japan by the Japanese customer groups sought traveled to Hawaii to get on the plane LV Galleria buy but aging conservative design and brand image has let LV and "cool" from the relationship. As another transaction of this cooperation, LVMH stake in the Marc Jacobs was founded in 1993 by a personal designer brands, and gradually increase its stake to 96%.

To some extent, Marc Jacobs 16 years in which LVMH may represent a change in the fashion industry works. Since the 1990s, the luxury goods group LVMH and Kering and other luxury brands began to expand them to the intensive acquisition strategy, new designers and their personal clothing brand from the luxury group would spread into the leak of a network of interests among . This is a plate of long-term business plan. Before these young designers have not been able to establish the cause of much luxury to attract them to the Group's creative director or artistic director of a brand, while investing their personal brand.

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