Tiffany & Co. Tiffany 2014 Christmas gift selection

         Paloma's Sugar Stacks Ring: 18K rose gold powder red sapphire,
     Large model, 18K yellow gold crystal, small model, 18K gold blue topaz,
     Large model, 18K gold diamond, large model, 18K gold amethyst, small model

Paloma Picasso flashing diamonds paved on top of 18K gold rings and pendants, their distinctive vibrant Paloma's Sugar Stacks series add dazzling focus. Stylish and vibrant design, like colorful candy-like pleasing pleasant.

Spike-shaped elongated flow platinum pendant, set with pearls and diamonds 
Tiffany elongated flow spike-shaped pendant in leisurely calm elegance shiny, compact design with craftsmanship, so fine inlaid on the platinum tassel on top diamonds and pearls mustard, like water pouring down, enjoy the blooming bright light and soft bright color.

Setting platinum engagement ring, platinum wedding ring 
The combination of platinum, 18K gold and rose gold with diamonds brilliance of Tiffany Celebration rings, as you witness every important milestone in life. The essence of the brand's extraordinary blend of design beauty, either alone or stacked to wear the costume, so that each precious moments are more memorable.
1886 launch of the Tiffany Setting diamond engagement ring is definitely the world's most popular styles, which pioneered the unique mosaic mode, the main stone is lifted off the ring surface, so full of light transmittance, the ultimate brilliant achievements fire; with Tiffany wedding ring, creating perfect symbol of love.

Tiffany T 18K gold bracelet
Tiffany T bracelet design simple fashion, fully reflects the unique style of the extraordinary excellence of New York, to create a symbol of a new era. 18K rose gold, platinum and gold three kinds Xuanliang color, reflecting the modern woman's delicate sensibility and confident calm temperament.

   Jean Schlumberger 16 diamonds in platinum and 18K gold ring,
Soleste 18K rose gold diamond ring, Victoria alternating platinum diamond ring,
Jean Schlumberger Rope two-row 18K gold and platinum diamond ring, platinum diamond ring

Platinum inlaid on a single row or double row diamond pieces, such as bead-like around the main stone, is Tiffany Soleste ring signature design. Luxury Mountain surrounded by flashing diamond emerald cut red spinel with oval green tourmaline, showing the beautiful microcosm like bears numerous magnificent colors of nature.

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