Eterna brand story

Eterna brand profile
Country: Switzerland
English Name: Eterna
Creating Year: 1856
Created by: Joseph Girard and Ur Las Hill

Eterna Brand Profile
In the November 7, 1856 , the doctor Josef Girard and teachers set up ur Las Hilde Hilde watch manufacturer USA , ETERNA which came to be known for . Since its establishment in 1856 , has a temptation to identify women increasingly attractive ETERNA select a special watch . Its most recent project , the Minx design must adhere to such a solid tradition.
1935 , reflects the nostalgia ETERNA in its most beautiful form. Personal , square " Art Deco " mode, immediately accepted in all markets. ETERNA 1935 Sprinter quartz Squelette, thickness 1.5 mm thinnest quartz watch ever produced . In 1980, all categories of absolute flat ETA ETERNA ETERNA Sprinter set-up and recorded with the "museum" : only 0.98 mm thick ! In the May 8, 1980 , ETERNA was awarded the " Grand Prix of France, the Arc de Triomphe Excellence Européenne", which is Leneikasen by Nobel Peace Prize laureate . On this basis , joined the exclusive ETERNA circulation enterprises, has established a standard of its products in the world .
With the new Porsche Design watches in 1998, ETERNA, recently won by the Porsche family , has set itself a new challenge. With the motto " form follows function ", which focused on engineers and watch the successful transfer to the watch making Ferdinand Alexander Porsche's creative concept . FA Porsche through the FAP Beteiligungen Co. , took over ETERNASA in Grenchen. In this way, precondition , ETERNA mark a new direction , has been successfully launched and running, you can play the realization of sustainable development . In the same year , two great names , Pininfarina and the ETERNA, come together to watch the series . Pininfarina 's new model is the result of years of effort ETERNA produce watches are far more than mere time measuring instruments.

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