Watch of wrist of haute couture is injected with "life"

Both fashion and jewelry, watches, each design, can be traced back to its classic. For fashion brands, the brand of the design concept used in wrist watch, not only presents the inherent brand spirit, more a deserve to act the role of injected "life". For a brand, such as chanel, Louis vuitton, dior has become into the wrist of predecessors, the experience of many years of tabulation and technical innovation, make these fashion brands to create the wrist watch, far beyond the meaning of the accessories, combined with the concept of fashion, make watches more conceptual, also formed a unique style of lady wrist watch.
Dior VIII wrist watch series

1947 design for a "Bar" suits, launched in 1995, the Lady Dior handbags and Dior perfume of "I" in 1999, 2011 chun xia Dior Dior VIII wrist watch series, designed to salute to this great designer Mr Dior. The watch shows the time not only, more beyond the contemporary fashion trend, as a senior order uniform design indoor almirah, uphold the tradition of dior, show the geometry design style, full of feminine beauty everlasting charm. The name Dior VIII can not help but make people think of October 8, 1946 he area eighth avenue montaigne in Paris to create their own advanced custom-made clothing brand, and for the first fashion series named "En Huit".

Dior brand all symbolic elements were also injected in the design of advanced wrist: lines reminiscent of its architecture and valuable light "dior suit" (the "Bar" jacket). Every moment of day and night, it is to reflect the female's elegant delicate pose. Dior brand, Dior VIII Montaigne senior watch series is not only a salute to luxury brands birthplace and Paris amorous feelings, but also the inspiration to the deeper, the pure steel quality and at the same time Mr Dior esteem the basic hue. France in the 18th century's signature colour - grey, highly appreciated by Mr Dior (in 1954, he in his writings "fashion small dictionary" wrote: "it is the most elegant neutral colors"), in his hands, grey became a legend "dior gray", are women wear upper body and decorated the walls of brand boutiques.

In Dior aesthetic world, time from material, manual and three levels show mind, embroidery, stone setting, precious stitched leather, and out of the exclusivity flowers distilled aromatic essence, etc., make details the time it takes minutes seems to have a special slow, time has its pace, handmade determines the passage of time.
Louis vuitton Monogram service Dentelle DE wrist watch

In 1896, George with a father the son of Louis vuitton name abbreviations in L and V with flower design, design into the 21st century is internationally renowned intertwined letters printed on Canvas Monogram service style of Canvas. Today still is a sign of Louis vuitton Monogram service design, Monogram service pattern is not only on the bag bag, also has a representative in the senior brand wrist watch. Diamond cutting out the Monogram service pattern, like a bud or striate, have stereo feeling more.

Monogram service pattern to upgrade again in 2014, Monogram service can be a gem of lace, a piece of jewelry can also be a piece of delicate unsurpassed, very clever lady wrist watch. On platinum case only 30 millimeters in diameter, Monogram service bud light cover surface, this amazing creative inspiration comes from the 2012 Voyage dans le Temps top jewelry series. This is a brand new design, the designer will naturally look from sliding into a wrist watch, jewelry originally appeared on his neck in the Peter pan necklaces Monogram service pattern of lace, now light interference appeared on mother-of-pearl face plate at the bottom.

Monogram service pattern has been applied in the Louis Vuitton suitcase design, as the changes of The Times, jia was the son of George Vuitton Vuitton this kind of pattern movement in different fabrics, soft bag is Louis Vuitton travel into the culture, the top of the material, exquisite workmanship, unique design to set a new benchmark in this field, have Louis Vuitton luggage become a status symbol of the whole century.

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