Your favorite exfoliating safe?

Sensitive skin and acne muscle in the maintenance of links exfoliating should be careful, too coarse particulate matter in the face of friction, for acne and sensitive skin muscle are likely to cause secondary damage. Recommended not to use products containing any acidic ingredients, you can choose vegetable, such as: Rose ingredients, Cheng sugar composition and enzyme-free granular powder, such as exfoliating ingredients such as papaya enzyme products, such exfoliating ingredients for sensitive skin and acne acne skin are able to play a gentle exfoliating effect.
How exfoliating is the most correct and most secure?
* According to their skin condition
For example:
Allergic, their skin is thinner skin, suggested two weeks to a horny, try not to choose an acidic ingredient, such as: salicylic acid and the like. Recommended that you choose to use: Jelly, exfoliating mask class products, thereby reducing skin friction.
Recommended for dry skin scrub particles, almond ingredients, Cheng exfoliating products such as sugar components. Once a week, so do not let the oil secretion imbalance, another skin more dry.
Oily skin, strong oil secretion, can take advantage of micro-particles exfoliating products, or sports sweating, sauna another way cuticle off automatically.
Horny benefits for the skin, it actually is more or more harm? 

Horny layer of the skin is to protect our true of a shield, like the eyelashes as to prevent dust from entering the dermis, the accumulation of too thick cuticle, easy to accumulate pores, cell regeneration metabolic needs 28 days, but every day the face of computer radiation, excessive dust, working under the influence of stress on the body and so the situation secretion, excessive accumulation of keratin failed pores easily metabolism can not breathe, in this case, according to their skin condition should be timely, maintenance exfoliate, exfoliate does not require too frequent, timely amount of exfoliating the skin can make it easier to absorb the moisture of skin care products.
Whether the extent of absorption of skin care products and horny for a causal relationship exists?

In fact, skin care is like a chain buckle like each other closely, too thick cuticle easily lead to clogged pores, skin care products can not be deeply absorbed, and even pimples, blackheads and other skin problems.
Required *: the situation for their own skin, exfoliates timely manner, can penetrate the skin more supple and care ingredients. Every step of the real good care to be able to achieve the perfect skin care real effect.
Understanding of their skin, love the skin.

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