An endless supply of spring surprise GODIVA Godiva chocolate dessert Series Spring 2014

GODIVA Godiva Chocolate
GODIVA Godiva chocolate story originated in Europe Coventry: Leofric Earl heavy tax purposes to the people, the beautiful wife of the Earl Lady Godiva kind can not bear to see the plight of the people, then the husband seeking a reduction in taxes. They bet if Lady Godiva riding naked body only hair naked lap around the city, if the people of the entire Coventry City have closed the doors and windows do not peek, Earl of reducing taxes. The following morning, Lady Godiva rode naked around the city, while the city's population is respectfully closed doors, without leaving home. Earl Leofric promises ultimate honor, and the legend of Lady Godiva countless people were still widely read.

In 1926, Pierre Draps in Brussels, Belgium created the first one Rong hazelnut chocolate. Inspired by the spirit of Lady Godiva, Godiva this kind of courage, passion and generosity of spirit into the chocolate arts among today in tempting Godiva chocolate will contain the enthusiasm of his wife, pure, noble, style and courage , enough to win the hearts of tasters.
GODIVA Godiva has 450 stores in 75 countries and regions worldwide, whether it is the United States, France, Japan, China, the United Kingdom or the Republic of Korea, so Belgium's top chocolate, stirring up the taste buds of the world. 
An endless supply of spring surprise
GODIVA Godiva in the spring and summer of this year brought an endless supply of surprises for you and your loved ones! GODIVA 2014 Spring Series will be held online activities - Midsummer happy projectors, and you build sweet memories of warm summer. A series of concessions and surprises along with 2014 spring and summer series is full you run, so your entire 2014 summer sweet GODIVA it!

GODIVA Godiva chocolate soft ice cream classic
16 franchise stores nationwide sale
Classic chocolate soft serve ice cream
GODIVA first introduced this year, the classic chocolate soft ice cream, presents an unprecedented taste buds experience, as you erase the hot summer, and cool colors added. Cool classic chocolate ice cream taste fine silky soft, decorated with chocolate sauce fragrant aroma, mellow chocolate temptation of flipping your heartstrings, triggered through the heart of refreshing feeling! Wafer edge stained chocolate shortbread ice cream cones, so taste the ultimate sublimation! Structured slowly melt in your mouth delicious, slowly lingering in Chunchi Jian lingering.

GODIVA Godiva White Chocolate Matcha Bingying
To bring you a fresh feeling hard to resist
Matcha White Chocolate Bingying
Following the cranberry dark chocolate, mint chocolate, dark chocolate and milk chocolate Bingying, GODIVA launched in 2014 spring limited funds attracted new flavors - green tea white chocolate Bingying. Fresh oil spilled on the fine green tea powder, Ganxiang its rich taste and sweet white chocolate blended into a unique seductive taste. Small sip, fresh, thorough and to the rushing cold, white chocolate mixed with a light astringent taste and sweet aroma of meaning, in the teeth dispersion, long breath fully dissolved in the spring and summer GODIVA white chocolate Bingying of Matcha. This fresh green, will also be launched this summer on the streets of another "wipe" movement.

GODIVA Godiva chocolate ice cream series
Cool, creamy and delicate taste buds experience
Chocolate ice cream series
Belgian Royal Queen GODIVA chocolate brand has been founded since 1926, has always been committed to bringing an unparalleled experience for the taste buds of chocolate lovers, draw full of surprises sweet time. GODIVA continue to offer this spring and summer at the popular chocolate ice cream series, the brand has always been adhering to the delicate, fragrant with creamy ice cream for your hot summer driving and irritability, delicious temptations hard to resist. Chopped milk chocolate ice cream, dark chocolate, chopped white chocolate ice cream, Belgian dark chocolate ice cream, strawberry ice cream and caramel chocolate chip ice cream, chocolate chips - five flavors, taste buds bring the ultimate experience for your presence in the summer a good time.

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