Precious and attractive: the world's most expensive ham

Representatives of Spanish cuisine

Iberian pork ham is a Spanish tradition has AOC raw ham, a representative of Spanish cuisine. This ham comes from a pig meat source Iberian species. This pig living in the oak forest, only to acorns for food, which is said to be one of the black Iberian pork delicious secret. Another secret is a legend of these pig daily 5:00 to be driven out herding people running to ensure tight fleshy, and most importantly, do not let the precious fat because of too much sweat and loss. Iberian pig is a must to be able to store fat in the muscle fibers, giving the meat its unique taste. The reason why it's fat precious, because they do not contain the so-called bad cholesterol, so even if it looks Youguangzengliang, almost transparent, but also very healthy.
High happiness index ham
In a completely natural environment growing up black hoof pig, should be have a high happiness index herd who imagined that their meat with happiness factor should. Their proportion of the proper muscle and fat, no fat. When you are a professional chef for the next piece of red and white slices, ham thin as onion skin, in your mouth, you will immediately be attracted to that rich meaty, saying that people did not aroma lips and teeth too. With wine or liqueur, and immediately lets you instantly understand the meaning of happiness.
Need producing
It is an integral part of many Spanish dishes ingredients. We can see its shadow on many party snacks. But not necessarily using a top-Iberian ham. Real top Iberian ham, definitely not too dry as people think, it is wood, but smooth and mellow, salty one. Iberian ham is strictly origin authentication and protection, like French champagne, China's Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs. Only Spain grown closest to the black Iberian pig hoof boar breed, in the unique climate of the Mediterranean and the Atlantic Ocean south of the junction of the Spanish natural dry mature, eligible to become Spain's most expensive ingredients. In Spain, Iberian ham, there are three important areas, namely GUIJUELO, JABUGO, TERUEL, Andalusia JABUGO which is recognized as the best producing areas.
Ham artwork
On a good Iberian ham will be boxed, then wrapped in black velvet, with a long knife configuration gallows. In a major celebration occasions, it appeared to Yanyaqunfang become the object of pursuit crowd. It exudes a light body fat chef slices in light to fall by the sword in the white plate, like a marble texture image seems like a work of art. And often with a wooden frame, with a long knife also appears full posture!
Perfect flavor
A common Iberian ham ham from pigs to take two years, and good even take five years, enough reflected precious. In order to deserve it unique in the world of delicious, even the chef's cut is a must, be sure to cut almost transparent, uniform, in order to enjoy the most unique ham flavor. But it is said machines will be more perfect than hand-cut, so there will be Spanish chefs traveled to China to bring specialized machines, just to let guests enjoy the most perfect taste.
How to Enjoy
Iberian ham to use the clutch when eating with a knife and fork becomes hypocritical! The most distinctive eat, than now on the toasted bread slices coated with pesto, tomatoes and olive oil again, put on a few slices of ham rolled Remember placed at the edge of the bread slices, and then just enjoy the big mouth , you'll know! If matched with a mouthful of good champagne or wine, it goes without saying that delicious!


Burberry Kids Series Lookbook Spring 2014 release

Burberry Spring Summer 2014 after the release of children's reading series Lookbook _ every brand lookbook often have more children's collection lookbook look what kind of design and presentation. Burberry's spring and summer series in England rose as inspiration, use a lot of flowers, withered flowers and wave point lace element brings the romance of spring, and of course this season's spring and summer children's clothing is full of dots and beautiful pastel colors, When one looks innocent face, as if with an adult wearing a microcosm of costume design, long coat, leather, and a suit jacket, seemingly mature pose behind but exudes a childlike smile and lovely atmosphere.

Burberry Spring Summer 2014 after the release of children's reading series Lookbook_ every brand lookbook often have more children's collection lookbook look what kind of design and presentation. Burberry's spring and summer series in England rose as inspiration, use a lot of flowers, withered flowers and wave point lace element brings the romance of spring, and of course this season's spring and summer children's clothing is full of dots and beautiful pastel colors, When one looks innocent face, as if with an adult wearing a microcosm of costume design, long coat, leather, and a suit jacket, seemingly mature pose behind but exudes a childlike smile and lovely atmosphere. I think this is why children's Stills hundred more people always look greasy let moms and dads can not help but start with the reasons for the purchase of new clothes for the baby, right!


Top Wedding Collection Pierre TASAKI

Since its 1954 founding, TASAKI carry pearl farming career heritage for generations, have their own pearl breeding base; Meanwhile, TASAKI is the only company in Japan was "rough purchasing power" qualified jeweler, this qualification is granted only with the highest level of identification ability and grinding technology and has the highest quality jeweler, is operating only evidence TASAKI top of the original stone. TASAKI in every process have sought to change the diamond's beauty to the extreme, with the most dazzling radiance because of high quality and level, was able to achieve.

Diamonds because it has eternal glory and is considered to be a symbol of eternity, TASAKI interpretation of the classic series with the most perfect love,
Classic Platinum "PIACERE Joy" series initial engagement expressing feelings;
Unique cherry gold "PIANO Piano" series conveys the marriage vows;
"Balance balancing Diamond" series beyond the classic interpretation of the Waltz pearls and diamonds.

Diamond Like locking moment of joy bursting out in bright light, but also against the background of brilliant light slender ring of diamonds. Joy ENGAGEMENT RINGS - simple shift alone elegant diamond design vividly show, the more people a sense of dignity. Noble dazzling diamonds are high hold up, as if to give blessing to the joy of the moment, the top of the diamond can absorb more light, let it shine brighter.
Two rings with joy series is TASAKI wedding ring. Joy series while wearing their diamond engagement ring, reflecting diverse charm - and diamond pieces worn on the ring overlap highlights the luxury and honor, and platinum on the ring wearing more pure beauty overlapping symbolize marital happiness forever.
Extreme series has become a combination of joy gorgeous ode to love music, with a sincere blessing from TASAKI to witness the self-love into marriage, until the beginning of a beautiful process.

TASAKI order to develop a way to more harmonious and skin color pink gold, cherry themed around research and development team, from the beginning of October 2009, after a year and a half to explore, experience repeated countless times during the test, and finally in 2011 the three Introducing TASAKI month to cherry gold. Compared with the previous rose gold, yellow and red elements which are more introverted, hazy cherry color, filling a unique aesthetic appeal.
TASAKI "PIANO Piano" series, symbolizing a happy melody. When soft notes sounded flat ring like piano keys. Flat and straight surface like a mirror-like shine with brilliance.
Unique material and design for people who have extraordinary taste another option. Unlike platinum and diamond wedding ring design in general, TASAKI cherry gold series, presented as the perfect couple darling unusual fate of the Ring.

TASAKI balance balancing Diamond
"Walk like a pearl in the fingers in general," is designed to be approachable no matter who's wearing in the body, and what kind of outfit, can exude an incredible charm. "Balance balance" series of jewelry, using a lever balance theory, to create a unique visual aesthetic.
Pearl tells women inherent elegance expression female diamond brilliant light. The new "balance balancing Diamond" series of jewelry, combining different materials, multi-faceted interpretation of women charming temperament. For the confident woman, this is the best gift. As a symbol of eternal marital harmony, "balance balance" Diamond series is undoubtedly the perfect couple's choice. High quality pearls and dazzling diamonds set off the extraordinary qualities of the wearer, reflecting TASAKI unparalleled understanding of beauty.


Do not need a visa to travel five stay away

Known to the relevant coastal tourist continent, no damage has been less and less, while snorkeling in this sport you must protect the integrity of the waters in order to truly enjoy the beauty of the seabed. Today we recommend a few well-protected by the snorkeling tour, the only magnificent scenery is very secure, more importantly, also Chinese tourists visa-free Oh, what are you waiting for?

Taiwan Green Island 
As a Green, one of Taiwan's offshore islands was because the famous "Green Island Serenade" and well known, in fact, Green Island is also famous for snorkeling mecca calm water suitable temperature, near Green Island has a rich tropical snorkeling resources. Visit the opening of Taiwan's mainland cities can directly apply for travel documents to go.

Maldives Velassaru
This is a private island, so you can enjoy the fun and enjoy snorkeling, snorkeling people can choose to come to live in the water bungalow, which is water in the house, so a place to live is the best snorkeling directly location. Even better, the Maldives for Chinese citizens visa-free policy, so basically you can pick up the luggage and left one tourist destination.

Puerto Rico, Palomino Island
Palomino was originally the name of a horse, and let the island is famous for a lot of coral reefs and lush seagrass beds. Even better, just from the United States or overseas territories to Puerto Rico, you can directly visa, considering the few direct flights to Puerto Rico routes, many people are turning to select from the United States, it can also be said to be more convenient snorkeling destination.

Bermuda, Elbow Beach
In addition to its magnificent views of the sea and seabed resources beyond, than maybe you can go snorkeling to see the mysterious shipwrecks in Bermuda mysterious ruins it. Puerto Rico with the same visa from the United States in front of the airport transit can go directly to Bermuda.

Dominica, Silver Banks
Silver Coast is famous for whale sanctuaries, maybe snorkeling in this place you will encounter humpback whales.


Jamaican star of the original cave hotel makes you feel the magic of nature

Here you can not only experience the same thrill, this four-star hotel located in the West Jamaica Ligeneier texture limestone cliffs, surrounded by the Caribbean Sea caves surrounded stay while you explore caves not mistaken oh.

Enjoy a candlelight dinner in the cave is a good way to experience this peculiar situation of. Candles illuminate the entire cave, cave petals scattered everywhere, dining here, really romantic. Here dishes including meat, seafood and agricultural products. The hotel is rich dishes from authentic Jamaican Jack barbecue shrimp delicious cocoa butter Shiyan everything.

Blackwell Rum Bar by the two limestone caves, whose full bar offers Blackwell rum, which is the signature drink. The bar Wednesday to Saturdays, open from six in the morning to ten at night. The leisure facilities provided cocktail table and cut stone dining table. In addition to drinks, where the scenery is very bad.

There are twelve coastal cliffs venue cabins, suites and villas, each house is a thatched roof, and the bright colors exaggerated. The two-bedroom cabin is used, the name is very cute - bright moon in the solar dancers and shadow, the Jamaica Warm decor and theme is impressive, coupled with integration of modern technology and comfortable with the concept, perfectly fine. Three rooms have a private cliff luxury villas, picturesque, and the villas with private swimming pools, fully equipped kitchen, barbecue grills, mosquito nets, waiters, washing machine, dryer, this is definitely family travel and holiday tours excellent choice.

The hotel also has a small plunge pool, salt water pool, Aveda spa and a unique cliff diving and snorkeling sites. 8-30 between explorers can (about 2.5-9 meters) of different heights conversion jumping, or even try to jump into the cave. Book a private cave, when the sun sets, a hot bath in the cave, like an immortal Yeah! But this project is very popular.

Because the hotel is close to Ligeneila beach, so here you can participate in many activities at the hotel or nearby areas, such as diving, oxygen-carrying diving, riding a jet ski, dolphin watching, horseback riding and sightseeing.

Here, enjoy the comfort of got star hotel, explore caves had primitive magic, you heart it?


How to choose a wedding dress?

How to choose a wedding dress? _ A wedding is the most important in each person's life experience, that is the moment you become the focus of the whole world, all are under your bright shining become bleak. But the wedding is also accompanied by a lot of people busy working chores, say how to pick a wedding dress, it is necessary to prepare for a long time? 

 So how to choose a wedding dress it?
Classification of wedding dress
1,skirt type, highlighting the gorgeous feeling!
After waisted waist, waist to the Ministry as a bell-shaped skirt-like design, a gorgeous feeling good when stepping on the red carpet.
2,A shape, Slim slender feeling!
Overall, such as A-line dress, Slim tightening upper body, lower body carry the line opened. Due to excessive overall, waist does not appear obvious, like a whole straight line from the top down, so that gives the impression of dazzling slim.
3,Fitting type, highlighting the noble feeling!
Top-down design are close, overall gives the feeling of elegance. If the wedding is small and delicate, wearing this type of dress fit more prominent noble temperament.
4.Priness Line type, unique and elegant feeling!

Close the upper body, lower body below the waist to skirt Wide natural pull of the wedding, this wedding design is quite common, with the amount of lower body skirt wedding dress designs, can be used with a different venue.
What should be noted that the selection of wedding dress?
Learn a variety of wedding dress charm, then how to choose the wedding dress they want to have the temperament it? The selection of wedding dress first to note the following:
1, the fit of the dress, the strict measure measurements (bust, waist, hip) size is selected wedding dress must first attention.
2, to understand their own skin and body fit to wear any kind of styles, colors, dress, in order to find the most suitable for themselves, dressed himself up in the most beautiful wedding dress.
3, Select reputation and larger than the size of the business to make a purchase or to order, not freeloaders on their wedding Oh!

Wedding on the slightest thing can be sloppy, must be carefully considered, carefully selected, choose their own wedding dress. I believe everyone reading this article on how to choose wedding dresses have a certain self-perception slightly, 7D professional dress custom to wish all a happy couple!

Casio EDIFICE x Infiniti Red Bull Racing official partners - work together towards a new level

Recently, the Casio men's watch brand EDIFICE metal pointer announces 2014-2015 season will continue to serve as an official partner of Infiniti Infiniti Red Bull Racing Red Bull Racing. EDIFICE brand has been adhering to the "Speed ​​& Intelligence" brand philosophy of speed and intelligence, innovation , used in traditional pointer watch the powerful electronic technology. beginning in 2009 has served as Red Bull Racing official partner, undergo numerous tests precise timing and extreme environments, access to the brilliant achievements of the Red Bull team to provide support. Infiniti Red Bull Racing Infiniti Red Bull to build the world's fastest top racing, has been dominating the world championship for four consecutive years. Casio, convinced that Red Bull Racing team pursuit of the essence, it coincides with the EDIFICE brand concept. The side by side to break the speed limit and technology, and work towards a new level.
As Infiniti Red Bull Racing team's official collaboration watches, EDIFICE will work with Infiniti Red Bull Racing team in 2014 and 2015 season, launched a series of co-watch, design watch will be the advice of the team of technicians and engineers, using the new seismic structure, when motorsport enjoy racing, speed need not worry about the strong impact of the collision caused an instant. With CASIO EDIFICE original electronic technology, is committed to the pursuit of accurate wave solar azimuth measurement functions, such as the research and development of innovative technology, fashion design, shine on a new journey.

2013, launched a new Basle EQW-A1200 series of watches, leading to the dynamic design and advanced technology equipped with azimuth measuring function, TOUGH MOVEMENT powerful movement, Smart Access intuitive operating system to enhance the functionality of stopwatch and waterproof 100 meters, seismic reinforcement structure and carbon fiber tube spring bar, so watch solidity to the next level.

EDIFICE Eddie Memphis
Adhering to the "speed and wisdom" brand philosophy, Casio EDIFICE brand's pointer male table with original electronic technology, is committed to the pursuit of accurate wave solar azimuth measurement functions, such as the research and development of innovative technology, fashion design, including the 2013 released EQW-A1200 series, favorite sports style favored in men's fashion in watches.
Infiniti Red Bull Racing Red Bull Racing Infiniti
Infiniti Red Bull Racing in the Formula One World Championship since the 2005 season began splendid record in the past four years in a row to win the World Championship World Championship, showing a first-class competition ability. Now, with the new drivers • Ricardo Daniel joined the team more likely to grow further.


Audi R8 Audi confirmed that the next generation of cars will join the turbo engine

Audi is an official statement which expose the next generation of R8 supercar will use a displacement with fewer cylinders are turbocharged engine.

Not long ago, the rumor was pointed out by the new generation of Audi R8 is likely to continue to enhance the performance of the V8 and V10 slightly naturally aspirated engine, but now Ulrich Hackenberg, Technical Director Audi vehicles have proven to foreign media, due to the V10 engine remains Fengyun and engine related Lamborghini Huracan used, it is expected that the two naturally-aspirated power unit would still have the opportunity to continue to use in which R8 cars.

The new Audi R8 which will remain four-wheel drive and seven-speed dual-clutch automated manual configuration, but more concern part is further described Hackenberg, there will be a smaller turbo engines were added to the cars, and indirectly imply that this will be a six-cylinder turbocharged engine.

Although the second generation of the Audi R8 has entered the final stage of the development process, but because there are some engineering technical change, so when the foreign media to predict the process will be delayed publication until 2015. Then we can see adding a new power unit is able to maintain R8 brisk performance in performance.


Vacheron Constantin launched the second set of "infinite universe" limited sets of tables

The new series of watches vividly demonstrates Vacheron Constantin skilled craft masters infinite creativity, but also to convey Chujiang contiguity Vacheron Constantin since its inception has been relentlessly perfect watchmaker and culture. History, present and future meet at this new series of watches, the brand's master craftsman showing despite facing severe challenges in the tabulation process, still with excellent talent, meticulous professionalism and creative inspiration, and finally successfully deal with the challenges .
Métiers d'Art Les Univers Infinis launched a new series of three watch combines a variety of techniques, checkerboard flat paved process used to make it deter people exudes charm. In addition, gold and mother of pearl fine mosaic is Vacheron Constantin's Art Masters Series for the first time as a new technology highlights, combining sculpture, painted enamel, precious stones and machine carved carving process, on the dial to create geometric, rich dynamic and symbolic picture perfect illusion intertwined (trompe l'oeil). Dial by a repeating pattern to fill interwoven, creating a great sense of infinite perspective effect, equipped with white gold case, showing exquisite and elegant atmosphere. Slim bezel design allows the dial to the maximum extent rendered, elegant hollow pointer was guilloché sculpture provides ample space for interpretation.

Watch via Geneva Seal certified, equipped with self-developed by Vacheron Constantin and manufactured 2460 model automatic winding mechanical movement. Which movement is not only reliable, but also uphold the tradition of Haute Horlogerie manufacture, hand-polished. Through the sapphire crystal case back can clearly see the inside corner, hand-decorated movement side polished polished, round grain pattern through the main decorative plywood, decorated with Geneva corrugated deck, and decorated with elegant intertwined machine engraved pattern carved gold oscillating weight.

"Angel" watch: hand-carved, machine engraved and carved large fire enamel paint process
This fascinating exhibit on the watch dial Angels & Demons opposing sharp contrast, highly symbolic and aesthetic meaning. Angels in the light and dark devil sneak between mutually balanced, evenly matched. Watch taken from Ai snow "round limit", the use of unlimited extension from the center to the surrounding decor repetitive elements, and sculpture, enamel paint and machine engraved carved craft cleverly integrated into each design, superb ground exhibit feeling of depth and bright mirror effect.

"Lizard" watch: hand-carved, painted a large fire enamel, precious stones inlaid and carved carved craft machine
Red and brown lizard on the dial or inlaid with precious stones, silver glowing light or flash, are demonstrating their life, charming and beautiful dynamic. Watch obtained from the Dutch artist's prints "lizard" inspired blend of four ancient decorative craft, but Shaw was the picture but wonderful shape.

"Knight" watch: hand-carved with fine gold and mother of pearl inlay
Turkey heroic knight with extraordinary gold and mother of pearl inlay outline is made of fine, proud of their unique style dash on the dial fully. Gold and mother of pearl bright colors, under the mutual authentic feel more enjoyable.

Marc Jacobs Marc Jacobs will expand the brand influence

• Marc Jacobs Marc Jacobs will expand the brand influence, according to "ELLE" reported that the reason for this is that Marc Jacobs, the greater expansion of the brand influence, in addition, he can devote more time on and reunite families. Marc Jacobs I had the luxury brand Louis Vuitton design director of the company board has done, during which two of his own brand, "Marc Jacobs •" and "• Marc by Marc Jacobs" have suffered due to his negligence some bad effects. He admitted that he did not like the design team without a head no, I do not know how to do it. Whether accessories, bags or shoes, which have lost the definition of design, and the only people who can change this situation is his own. So, that would explain why he urgently needs to restructure his brand.

In addition to the design team for rectification, there are four aspects need him cored. The first is the brand logo, he thinks he needs to re-brand logo design, packaging, shopping bags and store decor needs to be adjusted. The second aspect is the brand name, the cards • Marc Jacobs Marc by Marc Jacobs • The company moved to New York from London, England, before he was not very fond of the name, the new name he have thought , but it is still not announced. The third is the need to adjust the shoes, his brand of shoes and accessories bags clothing is relatively poor visibility of the point he wants to change this situation. The last aspect is to establish Mark flagship store, Marc Jacobs • covers all want to build a brand's flagship store of his own to facilitate a comprehensive customer spending.

Earlier, in 1997, early 30s, the image of unruly New Yorker Marc Jacobs was selected as the artistic director of Louis Vuitton. Before he joined, Louis Vuitton bags product line is one of only traditional French brands. Although at the time in the world has opened more than 100 stores, and in Japan by the Japanese customer groups sought traveled to Hawaii to get on the plane LV Galleria buy but aging conservative design and brand image has let LV and "cool" from the relationship. As another transaction of this cooperation, LVMH stake in the Marc Jacobs was founded in 1993 by a personal designer brands, and gradually increase its stake to 96%.

To some extent, Marc Jacobs 16 years in which LVMH may represent a change in the fashion industry works. Since the 1990s, the luxury goods group LVMH and Kering and other luxury brands began to expand them to the intensive acquisition strategy, new designers and their personal clothing brand from the luxury group would spread into the leak of a network of interests among . This is a plate of long-term business plan. Before these young designers have not been able to establish the cause of much luxury to attract them to the Group's creative director or artistic director of a brand, while investing their personal brand.


Your favorite exfoliating safe?

Sensitive skin and acne muscle in the maintenance of links exfoliating should be careful, too coarse particulate matter in the face of friction, for acne and sensitive skin muscle are likely to cause secondary damage. Recommended not to use products containing any acidic ingredients, you can choose vegetable, such as: Rose ingredients, Cheng sugar composition and enzyme-free granular powder, such as exfoliating ingredients such as papaya enzyme products, such exfoliating ingredients for sensitive skin and acne acne skin are able to play a gentle exfoliating effect.
How exfoliating is the most correct and most secure?
* According to their skin condition
For example:
Allergic, their skin is thinner skin, suggested two weeks to a horny, try not to choose an acidic ingredient, such as: salicylic acid and the like. Recommended that you choose to use: Jelly, exfoliating mask class products, thereby reducing skin friction.
Recommended for dry skin scrub particles, almond ingredients, Cheng exfoliating products such as sugar components. Once a week, so do not let the oil secretion imbalance, another skin more dry.
Oily skin, strong oil secretion, can take advantage of micro-particles exfoliating products, or sports sweating, sauna another way cuticle off automatically.
Horny benefits for the skin, it actually is more or more harm? 

Horny layer of the skin is to protect our true of a shield, like the eyelashes as to prevent dust from entering the dermis, the accumulation of too thick cuticle, easy to accumulate pores, cell regeneration metabolic needs 28 days, but every day the face of computer radiation, excessive dust, working under the influence of stress on the body and so the situation secretion, excessive accumulation of keratin failed pores easily metabolism can not breathe, in this case, according to their skin condition should be timely, maintenance exfoliate, exfoliate does not require too frequent, timely amount of exfoliating the skin can make it easier to absorb the moisture of skin care products.
Whether the extent of absorption of skin care products and horny for a causal relationship exists?

In fact, skin care is like a chain buckle like each other closely, too thick cuticle easily lead to clogged pores, skin care products can not be deeply absorbed, and even pimples, blackheads and other skin problems.
Required *: the situation for their own skin, exfoliates timely manner, can penetrate the skin more supple and care ingredients. Every step of the real good care to be able to achieve the perfect skin care real effect.
Understanding of their skin, love the skin.

Ukrainian Cuisine On The Tongue

As the second largest country in Europe, Ukraine is not only known as the breadbasket of Europe, but also a result of the famous beauties. But beauty can not only enjoy to the full stomachs, Ukraine and Russia about the same diet though, but also because of its own development and has its own unique cuisine atmosphere. Ukraine on the tongue, you really know how much?

Ukrainians to pasta, rice is the staple food, like bread, especially black bread. Ukrainian black bread rich in dietary fiber, it is said, eat black bread can be difficult to produce a synthesis of the body's own enzymes that metabolize excess body fat, lower cholesterol, reduce atherosclerosis and prevention of stomach.
Ukrainian people's diet throughout the year with potatoes, cabbage, onions, carrots, pickles, cheese, dairy products, milk and yogurt, oil-based. Summer, Ukrainian diet of vegetables and fruit more, but occasionally in the winter festival just to see the dinner table with fresh vegetables and fruits. Local residents also particularly like to eat a steaming sweet dumplings, wrapped in the upcoming Cottage cheese or cherry dumplings, cooked slightly sour cream spices, very tasty.

According to the habit of Ukrainian, lunch and dinner usually has three courses. Head, two the main dish, soup, such as vegetables, potato soup, red beet soup, soup, fish soup, etc. Two course is usually meat, fish, poultry, egg products, such as Fried pork, Fried steak, Fried fish, meat pie, Fried chicken and fruit duck, stuffing Fried fish, beef crock. Three courses usually fruit, sweets or drinks, such as coffee, tea, ice cream and ice dessert. Before heads dish, sometimes it is cold dishes, such as salads, caviar, ham and cheese. Bread mainly in the above dish to eat.

In Ukraine, there is a very famous marinated pork, Ukrainian give it a nice name, called "Salou." Salou is a meat, a local quintessence. Salou although they are fat and do, but the meat is fat but not greasy, which is selected with the raw materials in Ukraine also has a relationship. Salou on the table is a indispensable dish, Ukrainians think that this fat, but fine, especially after marinated, taste better. Most of Ukraine has Salou cooked stalls down, which is a symbol of Ukraine Salou, but also gradually deeply the hearts of the people of Ukraine. In the minds of the Ukrainian people, it has a very special meaning, it is not a simple dishes, where the history and culture of Ukraine has been fully integrated into its inside. Many famous Ukrainian poet, scholar will fall to Malpensa theme folklore are also many stories off a relationship with Savannah.
Salou There are usually two to eat: one is made ​​of pickled pork slices. On the shining white with salted pig meat, red meat tucked a few of the mouth-watering. Salou with the onion and vodka consumption, called gourmet match. Another shape is made ​​of lard. It will be mixed with salt, garlic lard applied to the Ukrainian specialties black bread, memorable.

Red soup and Sarah
Ukraine is also famous red food dishes and sour soup is the most typical Ukrainian dishes. In fact, the first time in red soup is a Luandun, to hell with leftovers directly pour the stew, then slowly formed a distinctive Ukrainian dishes.

In addition, a technique called "Sarah," the marinated pork with salt surface is also Ukraine's "national essence", a potent vodka or brandy accompanied by a "Sarah" that can make you feel when the "Cossack" camped feeling.


Explore underground salt mine Wieliczka "Salt" palace of art

Wieliczka Salt Mine how deep?
Wieliczka Salt Mine
Wieliczka Salt Mine is one of the oldest salt mine in the world, has brought countless brilliant to Poland, in the 14th century, salt and produces more than 30% of national income. From 1826 to 1846, the salt water in the mine is used as a spa. In 1950, part of the salt mine area all kept museum construction, opening to the outside world. In 1958, salt spa was restored. Been listed as a world heritage site in 1978 is still in production, until 1996, salt, salt layer was exhausted.
Today,Wieliczka Salt Mine has become one of Poland's most popular attractions, also known as one of ten big strange sights in the world, fewer than 20000 willy strange city, local residents will receive about 1.5 million visitors a year.
The second largest city from Poland Krakow to Wieliczka Salt Mine there are two types of transportation: one is the train, the other one is the bus. I take the bus. Arrived at salt mine sites, light team waited in line for more than ten meters, in stark contrast to along the way of the cold and cheerless. Basic it is westerners, however, very few Asian faces. Can't think of such a rather less popular scenic spots at home, in foreign tourists, is so popular.
Wieliczka Salt Mine
Wieliczka Salt Mine is divided into 9 floor underground, there are more than 100 kilometers of the tunnel, is the 13th century when to mine salt mine tunnel excavation. A salt mine, since the 13th century mining has been discontinued. Ore to go under the stairs, I am fully after the 378 stairs to reach the salt mining. No matter how is the weather out there, the temperature here always stay around 14 , the air is fresh and pure. In 65 meters to 135 meters underground have a labyrinth of three layers, including channel two kilometers long and 20 rooms, also for tourists to visit. I don't know what is the height of the life can reach the highest, but I am almost sure, this is to visit the deepest underground sights in my life, what's more, this is the place where can one step a footprint walk to the end, only by this, willy chica salt have enough reason to let you to experience .
"You can't touch anything here." The tour guide said, "can only be licking the wall, salty, right?
True have visitors licked, but not me.
Wieliczka Salt Mine
Different tour guide, with a group of 20 people, through every corner of the salt mine, use different languages here tells the story of the past eight centuries, have bitterness, sweat and passion, also have joy, but more is that a sense of pride, and this place only 80 kilometers away from the tour guide at auschwitz tone, have too much different.
Don't know if it in the ground, the relationship between the walls all around some wet, so stay for a long time, can let a person feel a little cold, if possible, it is better to bring a coat, encounter. Also because of the underground salt mine all construction material is given priority to with lumber, almost all lead to the security risk is very big, every twenty or thirty meters will put a fire extinguisher. The only one of the fire extinguisher has become our line of sight of the red point, it is this red that gives me some sense of security.
Because since 1996, salt mine has been shut down, so the whole course of the visit did not encounter any mining field. With the improvement of the tourism industry, the whole route lights are bright, many salt lake and even increase the laser show, accompanied by music, the visitors back to the once during the years of passion burning.

The princess into the salt of the ring
Wieliczka Salt Mine

In Poland, the myth about the gold card princess, salt mine is built according to the story myth hall, displaying the miners to princess gold salt sculpture group.
Long ago, a king in Hungary will be their daughter gold princess betrothed to Krakow dagong bao les watts. What, run the dowry, the king asked his daughter like her daughter replied: "like a salt mine." King asked: "why?" Daughter answer: "Poland without salt, salt will bring happiness to the poles and comfort." The king nodded and answered, the princess immediately took off an engagement ring into the mara jose tired salt mine. The gold card after married princess with bao les wagh, sent Wieliczka take salt mining, in people with a grain of salt, a miracle: the people in  Wieliczka  dug out of the salt not only, also found in the first piece of rock salt, the princess into salt mine in the ring. Marla jose in a salt mine really tired, along with the gold card princess came to Poland. From then on, the poles are no longer worry day without salt. Because of the salt in the hand, poles at a dinner party can proudly say: "no salt, no taste."
Wieliczka Salt Mine
Traveling in the salt mine so special, souvenir is little not, beside the princess st Kim and chapel has special souvenir shop, salt is perhaps the most distinctive desk lamp and salt do bracelet. Salt lamp is pink, blue and white more, is salt. Most of the salt lamp is in the simple wooden lamp cover a beautiful salt lamp shade. And this kind of lamp it is said that you can use more than 10 years. Holding the weight slightly salt system desk lamp, but return don't climb the stairs, but the elevator, 7 a, 135 m vertical distance, though, already a long time, but he seems to maintain strength, don't worry about it.
Holding the weight slightly salt system desk lamp, but return don't climb the stairs, but the elevator, 7 a, 135 m vertical distance, though, already a long time, but he seems to maintain strength, don't worry about it.
The whole process of  Wieliczka Salt Mine  visit about 2 hours or so, may be the news caused by domestic coal mine, before you go to old think there will be no danger? But along the way, in addition to attracted to refined salt sculpture, more exclamatory is salt mine safety production environment, can say, the impression of mine completely overturned in my heart.
Wieliczka Salt Mine
Travel is a kind of experience, not simply to see the beautiful scenery is travel, experience along the way, for the development of the local culture, or going to some special attractions, come, for example in this paper,  Wieliczka Salt Mine , maybe you will find that the world, really can not.