Top Wedding Collection Pierre TASAKI

Since its 1954 founding, TASAKI carry pearl farming career heritage for generations, have their own pearl breeding base; Meanwhile, TASAKI is the only company in Japan was "rough purchasing power" qualified jeweler, this qualification is granted only with the highest level of identification ability and grinding technology and has the highest quality jeweler, is operating only evidence TASAKI top of the original stone. TASAKI in every process have sought to change the diamond's beauty to the extreme, with the most dazzling radiance because of high quality and level, was able to achieve.

Diamonds because it has eternal glory and is considered to be a symbol of eternity, TASAKI interpretation of the classic series with the most perfect love,
Classic Platinum "PIACERE Joy" series initial engagement expressing feelings;
Unique cherry gold "PIANO Piano" series conveys the marriage vows;
"Balance balancing Diamond" series beyond the classic interpretation of the Waltz pearls and diamonds.

Diamond Like locking moment of joy bursting out in bright light, but also against the background of brilliant light slender ring of diamonds. Joy ENGAGEMENT RINGS - simple shift alone elegant diamond design vividly show, the more people a sense of dignity. Noble dazzling diamonds are high hold up, as if to give blessing to the joy of the moment, the top of the diamond can absorb more light, let it shine brighter.
Two rings with joy series is TASAKI wedding ring. Joy series while wearing their diamond engagement ring, reflecting diverse charm - and diamond pieces worn on the ring overlap highlights the luxury and honor, and platinum on the ring wearing more pure beauty overlapping symbolize marital happiness forever.
Extreme series has become a combination of joy gorgeous ode to love music, with a sincere blessing from TASAKI to witness the self-love into marriage, until the beginning of a beautiful process.

TASAKI order to develop a way to more harmonious and skin color pink gold, cherry themed around research and development team, from the beginning of October 2009, after a year and a half to explore, experience repeated countless times during the test, and finally in 2011 the three Introducing TASAKI month to cherry gold. Compared with the previous rose gold, yellow and red elements which are more introverted, hazy cherry color, filling a unique aesthetic appeal.
TASAKI "PIANO Piano" series, symbolizing a happy melody. When soft notes sounded flat ring like piano keys. Flat and straight surface like a mirror-like shine with brilliance.
Unique material and design for people who have extraordinary taste another option. Unlike platinum and diamond wedding ring design in general, TASAKI cherry gold series, presented as the perfect couple darling unusual fate of the Ring.

TASAKI balance balancing Diamond
"Walk like a pearl in the fingers in general," is designed to be approachable no matter who's wearing in the body, and what kind of outfit, can exude an incredible charm. "Balance balance" series of jewelry, using a lever balance theory, to create a unique visual aesthetic.
Pearl tells women inherent elegance expression female diamond brilliant light. The new "balance balancing Diamond" series of jewelry, combining different materials, multi-faceted interpretation of women charming temperament. For the confident woman, this is the best gift. As a symbol of eternal marital harmony, "balance balance" Diamond series is undoubtedly the perfect couple's choice. High quality pearls and dazzling diamonds set off the extraordinary qualities of the wearer, reflecting TASAKI unparalleled understanding of beauty.

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