Do not need a visa to travel five stay away

Known to the relevant coastal tourist continent, no damage has been less and less, while snorkeling in this sport you must protect the integrity of the waters in order to truly enjoy the beauty of the seabed. Today we recommend a few well-protected by the snorkeling tour, the only magnificent scenery is very secure, more importantly, also Chinese tourists visa-free Oh, what are you waiting for?

Taiwan Green Island 
As a Green, one of Taiwan's offshore islands was because the famous "Green Island Serenade" and well known, in fact, Green Island is also famous for snorkeling mecca calm water suitable temperature, near Green Island has a rich tropical snorkeling resources. Visit the opening of Taiwan's mainland cities can directly apply for travel documents to go.

Maldives Velassaru
This is a private island, so you can enjoy the fun and enjoy snorkeling, snorkeling people can choose to come to live in the water bungalow, which is water in the house, so a place to live is the best snorkeling directly location. Even better, the Maldives for Chinese citizens visa-free policy, so basically you can pick up the luggage and left one tourist destination.

Puerto Rico, Palomino Island
Palomino was originally the name of a horse, and let the island is famous for a lot of coral reefs and lush seagrass beds. Even better, just from the United States or overseas territories to Puerto Rico, you can directly visa, considering the few direct flights to Puerto Rico routes, many people are turning to select from the United States, it can also be said to be more convenient snorkeling destination.

Bermuda, Elbow Beach
In addition to its magnificent views of the sea and seabed resources beyond, than maybe you can go snorkeling to see the mysterious shipwrecks in Bermuda mysterious ruins it. Puerto Rico with the same visa from the United States in front of the airport transit can go directly to Bermuda.

Dominica, Silver Banks
Silver Coast is famous for whale sanctuaries, maybe snorkeling in this place you will encounter humpback whales.

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