Why is this blue cheese flavor?

Why is this blue cheese flavor
Blue cheese blue lines on a mold called Penicillium Roquefort, is a fungus early cheese making special added. It is also because of the presence of this fungus, we can appreciate the unique taste of this banquet. So, why should you want to add cheese fungus in it? And why would emit blue cheese unpleasant smell it?
First, the birth of the legendary blue cheese
It is said, was born in France blue cheese Roquefort region (Roquefort), it was a wonderful accident occurred in the Roman period. At that time people will cheese on a wet and hot cooked into the cave, but some of the cheese was matured for too long because the cause mold to grow. For the time people who abandon such valuable food indeed a pity, then a brave guy to come first taste of this cheese is full of stench, he found himself not poisoned, but feel that this long mold cheese taste absolutely fabulous. Thus, the blue cheese so was born, it also allows people to really appreciate the taste of bacteria.

Second, the process of making blue cheese
Before fully mature cheese, producers will poke a few holes to allow oxygen to enter the cheese on the cheese inside the purpose of doing so is to allow the fungus can grow in the cheese inside. The fungus cheese fat and protein decomposition, so he left a lot of holes in the cheese, and fungus breeding in these pores produce what we see blue lines. These molds are not toxic, but also in the cheese does not generate toxic substances inside, so we can be safe to eat.

Third, the three major typical blue cheese
Many types of blue cheese, and thus has many different flavors and characteristics, which only depends on the material and the added material used, but also on the species, aging time, and aging of the environment. However, the taste of a rich, salty taste is a common characteristic slip of blue cheese. Every year we have hundreds of species in the manufacture of blue cheese, but the most typical of which three kinds:
1, Roquefort cheese (Foquefort)
Country of Origin: France
Ingredients: Goat
Features: sweet, concise style, quality wet, brittle
2, Old Gang Zola cheese (Gorgonzola)
Origin: Italy
Ingredients: Milk
Features: sweet, smooth
3, Stilton cheese (Stilton)
Location: United Kingdom
Ingredients: Milk
Features: spice or pepper flavor, texture relatively hard

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