Ukrainian Cuisine On The Tongue

As the second largest country in Europe, Ukraine is not only known as the breadbasket of Europe, but also a result of the famous beauties. But beauty can not only enjoy to the full stomachs, Ukraine and Russia about the same diet though, but also because of its own development and has its own unique cuisine atmosphere. Ukraine on the tongue, you really know how much?

Ukrainians to pasta, rice is the staple food, like bread, especially black bread. Ukrainian black bread rich in dietary fiber, it is said, eat black bread can be difficult to produce a synthesis of the body's own enzymes that metabolize excess body fat, lower cholesterol, reduce atherosclerosis and prevention of stomach.
Ukrainian people's diet throughout the year with potatoes, cabbage, onions, carrots, pickles, cheese, dairy products, milk and yogurt, oil-based. Summer, Ukrainian diet of vegetables and fruit more, but occasionally in the winter festival just to see the dinner table with fresh vegetables and fruits. Local residents also particularly like to eat a steaming sweet dumplings, wrapped in the upcoming Cottage cheese or cherry dumplings, cooked slightly sour cream spices, very tasty.

According to the habit of Ukrainian, lunch and dinner usually has three courses. Head, two the main dish, soup, such as vegetables, potato soup, red beet soup, soup, fish soup, etc. Two course is usually meat, fish, poultry, egg products, such as Fried pork, Fried steak, Fried fish, meat pie, Fried chicken and fruit duck, stuffing Fried fish, beef crock. Three courses usually fruit, sweets or drinks, such as coffee, tea, ice cream and ice dessert. Before heads dish, sometimes it is cold dishes, such as salads, caviar, ham and cheese. Bread mainly in the above dish to eat.

In Ukraine, there is a very famous marinated pork, Ukrainian give it a nice name, called "Salou." Salou is a meat, a local quintessence. Salou although they are fat and do, but the meat is fat but not greasy, which is selected with the raw materials in Ukraine also has a relationship. Salou on the table is a indispensable dish, Ukrainians think that this fat, but fine, especially after marinated, taste better. Most of Ukraine has Salou cooked stalls down, which is a symbol of Ukraine Salou, but also gradually deeply the hearts of the people of Ukraine. In the minds of the Ukrainian people, it has a very special meaning, it is not a simple dishes, where the history and culture of Ukraine has been fully integrated into its inside. Many famous Ukrainian poet, scholar will fall to Malpensa theme folklore are also many stories off a relationship with Savannah.
Salou There are usually two to eat: one is made ​​of pickled pork slices. On the shining white with salted pig meat, red meat tucked a few of the mouth-watering. Salou with the onion and vodka consumption, called gourmet match. Another shape is made ​​of lard. It will be mixed with salt, garlic lard applied to the Ukrainian specialties black bread, memorable.

Red soup and Sarah
Ukraine is also famous red food dishes and sour soup is the most typical Ukrainian dishes. In fact, the first time in red soup is a Luandun, to hell with leftovers directly pour the stew, then slowly formed a distinctive Ukrainian dishes.

In addition, a technique called "Sarah," the marinated pork with salt surface is also Ukraine's "national essence", a potent vodka or brandy accompanied by a "Sarah" that can make you feel when the "Cossack" camped feeling.

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