Wellendorff warmth gift for Mother's Day

Wellendorff  "guardian angel" earrings

Complained of gratitude and warmth
Emotions and memories, strength and guardian: jewelry, not just a gift, it will be leisurely affectionate agglutination among them. Wellendorff guardian angel earrings with rounded appearance as the theme design, supple, coordination is complete, at the same time will appear golden white enamel and enamel at the pros and cons of earrings, the clever design makes the earrings can flip and suitable for different style: simple random or complicated, or classic elegance and modern fashion, or noble and romantic and humorous. Earrings clasp design smart delicate, and have a ring of dazzling diamonds. Wellendorff jewelry craft as well as its interpretation about the connotation of love at the same time also on diamond earrings at the center of the pendant. Pendant by ring connected with earrings perfect, swing gently follow in the footsteps of the wearer, refraction with happiness, complained of gratitude for his mother.
Wellendorff"real joy - coral orange" Lord of the rings
Joy, remember the happiness
The joyful mood, like sunshine after the rain, a moment of pleasure, like the colorful rainbow shining colorful light in the bottom of my heart. Wellendorff "real joy - coral orange" ring, for the first time the use of special design, superb skills in the tradition of Wellendorff family always insist, colored enamel give cold ring gorgeous appearance, let ring more clever and lively at the same time, every time a new review will bring you unexpected surprises. "A true joy - coral orange" 18 k yellow gold ring consists of two independent ring together, on the outer ring is gorgeous cold enamel, inner ring set with a round brilliant diamond, make whole ring shine so bright, yi yi is unripe brightness. In fingers danced in the air when the ring in the middle of the diamond turning, as if the mother joy and happy moments in mind, shiny life.
 Wellendorff"love angel" Lord of the rings
Turn love, creating warmth
Just like an angel pure and beautiful, Wellendorff love angel rotating ring with perfect jewelry design conveys the eternal love. Meticulous and precise processing technology and shines burging diamond, hidden inside the angel sculpture, and jewelry, not only shows the pure and eternal guardian, more become the most honorable unique jewelry series brand. The "angel of love" ring, consists of a number of small independent ring arrangement of 18 k gold and become, for the first time the spirit of love and dedication to melt in the details of the design, will ring shape, color and the size of the diamond perfect fixation. Each diamond rings of continue to use the most ancient craftsmanship Mosaic, jewelry artisans in front of the diamond, will be punched with a special tool grinding in place to ensure that the size of the hole. Love angel ring crowned the angel rings, called stardust white enamel with a little luster and distinct, with ring on the surface of the vertical surface and set auger, no matter what every Angle presents a new design of magnificent.
Wellendorff"sweet angel" amulet pendant
With constant, sweet blessing
Wellendorff"sweet angel" pendant to modern design and old tradition combined ably, guardian angels, hidden in the necklace moral mexicana guardian for you, until forever. Whole pendant with Wellendorff ring to design prototype, is composed of the inner ring and outer ring set into each other, they can be independent wear separate apart, can also be becoming a worn at the same time, the optional flip out China rove the colorful side of the enamel or a diamond-encrusted bright side. New Wellendorff buckle lock design simple, easy to use, but also can put gold angel pendant strong and steady, meanwhile, if it open, gold angel pendant will hang directly onto the silk weaving flower necklace, while the inner outer ring pendants can reverse it.
Unusual and meticulous process like a mother's love dribs and drabs, accumulation of tiny happiness eternal kindness achievement. Wellendorff expressed in carefully selected series jewelry for a mother's love and sincere blessings, passing the strong affection of warm and meaningful.

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