Jamaican star of the original cave hotel makes you feel the magic of nature

Here you can not only experience the same thrill, this four-star hotel located in the West Jamaica Ligeneier texture limestone cliffs, surrounded by the Caribbean Sea caves surrounded stay while you explore caves not mistaken oh.

Enjoy a candlelight dinner in the cave is a good way to experience this peculiar situation of. Candles illuminate the entire cave, cave petals scattered everywhere, dining here, really romantic. Here dishes including meat, seafood and agricultural products. The hotel is rich dishes from authentic Jamaican Jack barbecue shrimp delicious cocoa butter Shiyan everything.

Blackwell Rum Bar by the two limestone caves, whose full bar offers Blackwell rum, which is the signature drink. The bar Wednesday to Saturdays, open from six in the morning to ten at night. The leisure facilities provided cocktail table and cut stone dining table. In addition to drinks, where the scenery is very bad.

There are twelve coastal cliffs venue cabins, suites and villas, each house is a thatched roof, and the bright colors exaggerated. The two-bedroom cabin is used, the name is very cute - bright moon in the solar dancers and shadow, the Jamaica Warm decor and theme is impressive, coupled with integration of modern technology and comfortable with the concept, perfectly fine. Three rooms have a private cliff luxury villas, picturesque, and the villas with private swimming pools, fully equipped kitchen, barbecue grills, mosquito nets, waiters, washing machine, dryer, this is definitely family travel and holiday tours excellent choice.

The hotel also has a small plunge pool, salt water pool, Aveda spa and a unique cliff diving and snorkeling sites. 8-30 between explorers can (about 2.5-9 meters) of different heights conversion jumping, or even try to jump into the cave. Book a private cave, when the sun sets, a hot bath in the cave, like an immortal Yeah! But this project is very popular.

Because the hotel is close to Ligeneila beach, so here you can participate in many activities at the hotel or nearby areas, such as diving, oxygen-carrying diving, riding a jet ski, dolphin watching, horseback riding and sightseeing.

Here, enjoy the comfort of got star hotel, explore caves had primitive magic, you heart it?

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