The Mediterranean nectar of the inheritance of one thousand - olive oil

Spain is the world's largest producer of olive oil, olive oil production accounts for more than 45% of the world total; After Spain is Italian, the olive oil production accounts for 25% of the world's total. What was so special about olive oil?
For many years, scientists and nutritionists have been told us that olive oil has a variety of health benefits. University of Florence, the researchers found that one of the virgin olive oil polyphenols can prevent or delay the onset of alzheimer's disease. At the same time, the French scientists have found that olive oil can improve the cognitive abilities of people, especially the old people's cognitive ability.
Olive oil is a very "versatile" food, can be used as a daily diet indispensable a seasoning, also can be used as beauty products. The following important information about olive oil, collected eight tells you the health benefits of olive oil, preservation method and how to eat it.

1, stick to moderate consumption of extra virgin olive oil can improve cardiac diastolic ability, to maintain blood pressure balance.
2, put the mackerel, sardines and anchovies on olive oil can be stored in the maintaining of omega 3 fatty acids content in the fish.
3, olive oil contains 75% single unsaturated fatty acids (MUFAs), which can protect against heart disease and cancer.

4, rub olive oil on the hair can be burnt and repair or damage to the product of hair modelling. In
5, olive oil, a natural substance "Ooleocanthal" have anti-inflammatory function.
6, in order to keep healthy nutrition characteristics in olive oil, must put olive oil stored in a cool place, avoid direct light. The olive oil in stainless steel tanks or in dark green/brown glass bottle, is conducive to protect the olive oil is not affected by the outside world.
7, to take a bath water with five tablespoons extra virgin olive oil can make the skin becomes as smooth as silk. Famous Italian actress Sophia Loren has said that the secret of flawless skin is often use olive oil bath.
8, University of Monastir recently conducted the study found that long-term moderate consumption of olive oil can protect the lung cells from oxidative stress damage.

The tip of the tongue on the furniture You hold yourself back?

Biscuit and cake table chair
Sandwich biscuit table
Have you ever thought one day you can sit a cupcake, eat your meals on sandwich biscuit? This by designer Boggy Chan to dessert for the element of the design of dining-room furniture will allow you to increase appetite, but the only thing to note is when hungry, never bit it up.
Cake chair
Designers from the sense of touch and texture design a set of dessert furniture, in order to let all have fun and comfort, designers in the material up and down a lot of kung fu.
true to life
Pizza sleeping bags
Pizza sleeping bags
See total can induce an appetite to instantly, pizza is so delicious. If pizza into a sleeping bag, would you stop? Esque, stylist is such this pizza sleeping bag, 5 feet wide 3 feet long recycled cotton pure handmade, not only style is special, and the lining is made of silk fabrics, which is comfortable and luxurious. This "pizza" done, end of the surrounding edge pizza was pillow, mushroom, broccoli, sausage. Don't assume that the above material was useless, they are hold pillow. These can be placed at random position "vegetables" pillow, is both delicious and warm, very interesting.
Pizza sleeping bags
Bread furniture
sleep in the bread
Sleep in the bread? You read that right, really is sleeping in the "bread". Recently, a series of bread style of household products in Japan market, caused a sensation, in consumer demand. Designers proceed design of this series of household products include sleeping bag, toast, croissants square cushion, egg pancake duvets, etc. If you put all the furniture in the bedroom, feel hungry will go in?
Sandwich becomes slightly

Wellendorff warmth gift for Mother's Day

Wellendorff  "guardian angel" earrings

Complained of gratitude and warmth
Emotions and memories, strength and guardian: jewelry, not just a gift, it will be leisurely affectionate agglutination among them. Wellendorff guardian angel earrings with rounded appearance as the theme design, supple, coordination is complete, at the same time will appear golden white enamel and enamel at the pros and cons of earrings, the clever design makes the earrings can flip and suitable for different style: simple random or complicated, or classic elegance and modern fashion, or noble and romantic and humorous. Earrings clasp design smart delicate, and have a ring of dazzling diamonds. Wellendorff jewelry craft as well as its interpretation about the connotation of love at the same time also on diamond earrings at the center of the pendant. Pendant by ring connected with earrings perfect, swing gently follow in the footsteps of the wearer, refraction with happiness, complained of gratitude for his mother.
Wellendorff"real joy - coral orange" Lord of the rings
Joy, remember the happiness
The joyful mood, like sunshine after the rain, a moment of pleasure, like the colorful rainbow shining colorful light in the bottom of my heart. Wellendorff "real joy - coral orange" ring, for the first time the use of special design, superb skills in the tradition of Wellendorff family always insist, colored enamel give cold ring gorgeous appearance, let ring more clever and lively at the same time, every time a new review will bring you unexpected surprises. "A true joy - coral orange" 18 k yellow gold ring consists of two independent ring together, on the outer ring is gorgeous cold enamel, inner ring set with a round brilliant diamond, make whole ring shine so bright, yi yi is unripe brightness. In fingers danced in the air when the ring in the middle of the diamond turning, as if the mother joy and happy moments in mind, shiny life.
 Wellendorff"love angel" Lord of the rings
Turn love, creating warmth
Just like an angel pure and beautiful, Wellendorff love angel rotating ring with perfect jewelry design conveys the eternal love. Meticulous and precise processing technology and shines burging diamond, hidden inside the angel sculpture, and jewelry, not only shows the pure and eternal guardian, more become the most honorable unique jewelry series brand. The "angel of love" ring, consists of a number of small independent ring arrangement of 18 k gold and become, for the first time the spirit of love and dedication to melt in the details of the design, will ring shape, color and the size of the diamond perfect fixation. Each diamond rings of continue to use the most ancient craftsmanship Mosaic, jewelry artisans in front of the diamond, will be punched with a special tool grinding in place to ensure that the size of the hole. Love angel ring crowned the angel rings, called stardust white enamel with a little luster and distinct, with ring on the surface of the vertical surface and set auger, no matter what every Angle presents a new design of magnificent.
Wellendorff"sweet angel" amulet pendant
With constant, sweet blessing
Wellendorff"sweet angel" pendant to modern design and old tradition combined ably, guardian angels, hidden in the necklace moral mexicana guardian for you, until forever. Whole pendant with Wellendorff ring to design prototype, is composed of the inner ring and outer ring set into each other, they can be independent wear separate apart, can also be becoming a worn at the same time, the optional flip out China rove the colorful side of the enamel or a diamond-encrusted bright side. New Wellendorff buckle lock design simple, easy to use, but also can put gold angel pendant strong and steady, meanwhile, if it open, gold angel pendant will hang directly onto the silk weaving flower necklace, while the inner outer ring pendants can reverse it.
Unusual and meticulous process like a mother's love dribs and drabs, accumulation of tiny happiness eternal kindness achievement. Wellendorff expressed in carefully selected series jewelry for a mother's love and sincere blessings, passing the strong affection of warm and meaningful.

Wine is tasted the aroma and taste of knowledge

For a man who love wine, enjoy fine wine from acme is nothing more than those who let a person god fan and difficult to forget the aroma and taste, by the sensual contact to meet the spiritual enlightenment, and this kind of experience can only needs absolutely not talk can fully to unwind. All of these, it is also the pleasure of wine.
However, don't be deterred by the spiritual pursuit of this wine is tall, as just beginning to understand wine lovers, we can through many representational concept to strengthen their knowledge of wine. Today, we would like to understand first four primary concepts about wine: climate, geography, and artificial.
Climatic conditions as an important conditions for the growth of the wine has been Portugal's farmers are most concerned about natural factors. A lot of old world wines, relies on to decide. Grape growing in France, for example, the law can't be watered, plenty of sunshine and adequate rainfall is the key to the yield and quality of this year
Which year if the field before harvest time of the heavy rain, the grape growing after the heavy rain and big, juicy fruit that must be a Portuguese farmers the most sad thing. More excellence of the chateau, even because of adverse weather conditions and give up this year's brew (see Michel XU written "2002, no" iron dragon "wine"), so the weather influence on wine quality.
Geography is a comprehensive word, it is a combination of location, topography, soil structure (soil) for content. Such as in Burgundy is given priority to with the river slope, so we common legal origin name famous are:
Côtede Nuits
Côtede Beaune
Côte Châlonnaise
And on these slopes, from near and far away from the river and the grape quality high and low terrain.
Near the river is too easy to absorb moisture, the grape root is not deep, deep draw less than land of minerals, the administrative levels is not strong in taste, so the higher terrain makes grape root deeper to get more nutrients. But if the highest point of slope, also influence due to lower temperature than grapes taste
Soil structure is the important condition of effects on the final outcome of the wine taste. Soil contains rich minerals, the taste of the wine will be thick. And soil containing chert (flint) will make wine taste contains peculiar smoky taste. In the soil of the iron law of wine have the effect of shading.
Comprehensive climate and geographical conditions, also became the "and" we hear a lot. About "and" a variety of interpretation, the industry gurus version has given a lot of different opinions, we speak only the specific climate, geography, in fact "and" in a certain sense also saturated with historical and cultural accumulation, here we just ignore the first small factors, only keep the key.
Also because of this "and" two words of abstract feeling let everyone think this is a wine of senior level connoisseur to understand the concept of the word is actually based on the specific knowledge of the formation of the rich.
According to climate condition choose grape varieties, what kind of topography, soil and climate suitable for what kind of varieties of grapes. As a result, a few name region in France's main grape varieties are different. Side water and soil have a grape, because the land features combination suitable for growing grapes.
Such as bordeaux red grape varieties are mainly Merlot  and Cabernet Sauvignon, Burgundy red grape varieties are mainly Pinot Noir,, rhone valley, Syrah and is the main red grape varieties Grenache.
After nearly a year of cultivation, grapes, mostly to god defend me from my decision, but also not to say that the Portuguese farmers such as wandering about grapes planted can harvest. From growing when brewed for the final set a clear goal, which is the biggest characteristic of the old world from the new world wine wine.
In order to ensure that the taste of the wine, grape is not only productive, only produce a small amount and quality of grape will reach the expected quality, so the Portuguese farmers throughout the growing season to control the growth period of grape.
At the time of harvest will also because farmers receive means different and affect the quality of the wine. Such as crop can be divided into: choice, the whole unified harvest; String of chosen, according to grape maturity according to string of harvest; The most high-quality goods is LiXuan only conform to the standards of the grapes are collected.
When the grape harvest is completed, the spotlight is on the winemaker. If the Portuguese farmers grow like a hard work behind the scenes, so much-anticipated winemaker is front of the performer. This means that behind the small mistake can make up for, but in front of the show is must be the slightest showed no difference. In the whole brewing process, the winemaker of wine the target will be directly related to the quality of the wine, sometimes winemaker tendency of personal interest is also the important factors that affect the wine.
When you know the weather, climate, variety, and the basic knowledge of human, you can be so confident, and never to taste scratching their heads anymore. This is "tasting division course at the university of French wine on the part of what they have learned, a dragonfly water slightly about the basic knowledge of French wine.
If you really like wine, the knowledge system can be a process of accumulation, slowly when you enjoy the varieties of enough wine, believe in yourself to summarize these knowledge will have a self.
Let all learn from love.


Pomlellato treasure, landau gift 2014 mother's day

In may for a special day of spring and gorgeous looks, mother's day in 2014, Italy advanced jewelry brand POMELLATO treasure, Orlando by choose the brand logo Nudo series gift and the great mother. New diamond Nudo and Nudo Petit (mini) birth order Nudo family increasingly grandeur, to create unique personality mother fall in love.
Platinum and rose gold inlaid amethyst ring
Diamond NUDO
Nudo, treasure, Orlando jewelry is a darling of the world's most prestigious in the family, by beauty of the diamond crystal, strong opened a new chapter. With white gold rings do add elegant white diamonds, make Nudo Maxi (large) ring more show precious. Shop is set on the platinum ring is the selection of radiant beauty, and big blue topaz stone, amethyst and lemon crystal bright attractive in photograph echo, the color for the mother played beautiful. The ear of the small earrings hook is the same with transparent line spread beauty, pure and fresh and chic.
Platinum and rose gold, blue topaz stone that amethyst and diamond and diamond, lemon crystal and diamond
Platinum and rose gold, blue topaz stone that lemon crystal and diamond and diamond, amethyst and diamonds                
Petit  NUDO
Inheritance treasure, Orlando focus on detail design concept, in 2014, Nudo series respect Asian women, designed for Asian women slight build mini ring finger, color is rich, but person and lovable, especially the young hot mama don't miss the water mark.
Rose gold and platinum with blue topaz stone, green amethyst, lemon crystal, Madeira stone, amethyst


Eterna brand story

Eterna brand profile
Country: Switzerland
English Name: Eterna
Creating Year: 1856
Created by: Joseph Girard and Ur Las Hill

Eterna Brand Profile
In the November 7, 1856 , the doctor Josef Girard and teachers set up ur Las Hilde Hilde watch manufacturer USA , ETERNA which came to be known for . Since its establishment in 1856 , has a temptation to identify women increasingly attractive ETERNA select a special watch . Its most recent project , the Minx design must adhere to such a solid tradition.
1935 , reflects the nostalgia ETERNA in its most beautiful form. Personal , square " Art Deco " mode, immediately accepted in all markets. ETERNA 1935 Sprinter quartz Squelette, thickness 1.5 mm thinnest quartz watch ever produced . In 1980, all categories of absolute flat ETA ETERNA ETERNA Sprinter set-up and recorded with the "museum" : only 0.98 mm thick ! In the May 8, 1980 , ETERNA was awarded the " Grand Prix of France, the Arc de Triomphe Excellence Européenne", which is Leneikasen by Nobel Peace Prize laureate . On this basis , joined the exclusive ETERNA circulation enterprises, has established a standard of its products in the world .
With the new Porsche Design watches in 1998, ETERNA, recently won by the Porsche family , has set itself a new challenge. With the motto " form follows function ", which focused on engineers and watch the successful transfer to the watch making Ferdinand Alexander Porsche's creative concept . FA Porsche through the FAP Beteiligungen Co. , took over ETERNASA in Grenchen. In this way, precondition , ETERNA mark a new direction , has been successfully launched and running, you can play the realization of sustainable development . In the same year , two great names , Pininfarina and the ETERNA, come together to watch the series . Pininfarina 's new model is the result of years of effort ETERNA produce watches are far more than mere time measuring instruments.

The world eat expensive dinner

Head plate: the most expensive caviar

The world's most expensive caviar, not black caviar, not grey roe, but "Almas caviar" by Iran's export, it is made of bleaching HuangYu, box outer layer is coated with gold foil. London, a box of weight is 32 ounces of Almas caviar sells for $25000 (170000 yuan), came for two tablespoons of meal, if feel the beginning of the meal is a bit too?
Staple food: the most expensive pasta

If you want to taste the most expensive pasta, may need you to go to a trip to the United States. You need to find a restaurant in New York called BiCE, because it launched the world's most expensive pasta. This pasta is priced at $2013, with two pounds of fresh Maine lobster, an ounce of black truffle, and wild fungus and other organic vegetables. Cheng fang pasta dish with versace is classic. The restaurants, said a spokesman for the plate of spaghetti essence is paired with wild mushrooms, fresh ingredients, lobster, black truffles, etc.
Staple food: the most expensive pizza

If you think that the Italian powder also can't let you satisfied, then you can eat the most expensive pizza. The world's most expensive pizza is an Italian chef Leonard, viola made "Louis xviii. The price of a piece of Louis xviii pizza up to 8300 euros. Viola said: "pizza with food raw material is unique, they made a special trip to the store to ask me to give them make Louis xviii, can say the price is not deliberately exaggerated."
This pizza is conducted according to the requirements of customers customized, equipped with a pizza three caviar, red crayfish etc. Several valuable lobster, make salt for the this kind of pizza is not ordinary sea salt, but from Australia's Murray salt.
Sweet: the most expensive pancakes

After the staple food, started sweet time. Recently in London, the world's most expensive pancake baked, each cost up to 800 pounds. Why a pancake can sell this price? This is because this is not a simple pancakes, it with pink champagne, lobster, truffle and caviar, even the material is tall, also no wonder the price is high.
Dessert: ice cream most expensive

After the full whether very want to a cold ice cream? Serendipity 3 restaurants in New York launched nearly 15700 pounds of rich dessert "ice chocolate flavor", become the world's most expensive dessert. 28 species of rare and expensive restaurant for cocoa, and put the 24 k on the pudding edible gold leaf, even the spoon is also made from RMB 94000 gems. The pudding in a crystal glass, cup neck around 18 k gold, again above with white diamonds.
Don't get excited, remember to make an appointment first before eating the ice cream.


Tommy Hilfiger 2014 Spring "True To The Blue" series listed

Tommy Hilfiger launched "True to the Blue" series

Tommy Hilfiger Group (part of the PVH Group (NYSE: PVH)) is proud to announce the 2014 Spring True to the Blue Series goes on sale in order to pay tribute to the cowboy, chambray and indigo, which runs through the fabric and color Tommy Hilfiger brand lineage. These elements are synonymous with the American way of life, representing individuality, freedom and young international fashion elements.
"True to the Blue" series will officially be available in all five continents Tommy Hilfiger stores April 14, 2014.
Tommy Hilfiger launched "True to the Blue" series
"My career started in denim and chambray . ."
True to the Blue family enduring yet to advancing Tommy Hilfiger jeans, chambray and indigo tribute , from 1985 the brand was founded by Mr. Tommy Hilfiger started . Hilfiger 's classic design will always give the imagination, through a different perspective to observe fashion and classic single product inadvertently decorated in a modern atmosphere .
 "My career started in denim and chambray , these fabrics are important classical heritage of our brand ," Tommy Hilfiger comes "When I was 17 , I and two friends purchased Flare Jeans in New York and brought back located after Elmira home in upstate New York , where large cities almost out of the reach of fashion style and we sell these clothes in the trunk of the car Beetle , has been a great welcome , we opened called People's Place chain of clothing stores , I began experimenting with youth cloth, holes in jeans , self- dealing and a variety of washed denim . until 1985 established his own namesake brand , these fabrics and colors I have become iconic important component of our brand DNA section . "
Tommy Hilfiger launched "True to the Blue" series
True to the Blue series from the Tommy Hilfiger 2014 Spring collection of men's, women's and children's clothing consisting of selected models. Style is the most respected of all major brands of the moment retro modern reproduction to various shades of blue and indigo features, and accompanied by neon pink and orange accents.
For 25 years, Tommy Hilfiger classic, cool, American apparel brings flavor of consumers around the world. Under the guidance of Chief Designer Hilfiger, Tommy Hilfiger Group has become one of the world's few famous American clothing designer brands.

1985 Hilfiger launched the first signature series, brings tailored fit, work well buttoned shirt, chinos and other classic costumes, which presents the casual style of the young family after becoming Hilfiger all unique label.
Today, Tommy Hilfiger continues to bring American-style academic and customers around the world. Since its launch in 1985 menswear collection, Tommy Hilfiger has become a global lifestyle brand. In 2012, sales reached $ 6 billion. Tommy Hilfiger currently has more than 1,200 retail stores in more than 90 countries on five continents worldwide.

Company Overview
Tommy Hilfiger is one of the world's leading high-end lifestyle brands, providing first-class style, quality and value to consumers worldwide . Brand embodies the classic American style , and academic for a new interpretation. Since its inception in 1985 , Tommy Hilfiger Group has become a $ 6 billion in sales of apparel retail companies , as consumers of various types of beautifully designed , high-quality men and women, children's wear , sportswear , jeans and a series of licenses products, such as accessories, fragrances and home furnishings .
Under the leadership of founder and CEO of Tommy Hilfiger Fred Gehring , the brand into the world's major department stores and specialty stores , and the establishment of an independent retail store network. In PVH Corp [NYSE: PVH]. ( Also known as Phillips-Van Heusen Corporation) in 2010 against the company after the acquisition , Gehring become PVH global operations CEO, Hilfiger will continue to serve as the company 's chief designer , and is responsible for overall management and leadership all aspects of the design process .
Today, Tommy Hilfiger has become a world-renowned brand , establishing a distribution network in over 90 countries and has more than 1,200 retail stores in North America, Europe , Latin America and Asia Pacific .


What is more lovable robot?

To pass the time on a lengthy high-altitude long-haul aircraft , I decided to watch a movie. Open the front seats are not high quality resistive touch screen, the "classic film" page with two different styles of movies make me hesitate, one is Raleigh • Scott 's " Prometheus " another is the CG animated "Wall-E". The former is the "Alien " series prequel nature of the work , the reason may be in the upper body , I feel a little nervous , decided to turn to see people relaxing "Wall-E".
Fast Company article piqued my interest - an artist tells you how to make IT equipment more endearing . His artwork has been some concern , but also because of his background relationship , which works with the technology still has a very deep association. For example , he exhibited earlier Pulse Machine, this collaboration with sculptor Alicia Eggert exhibits, the shape is just a mediocre drum . But Reben but gives it "life " - Pulse Machine tap 60 times per minute , the same as the human heart , when this machine is equivalent to the number of 78 -year-old rap when it will stop working. Surprisingly, this works to get outside of resonance, when visitors viewing this work that it would feel sad.

Reben later tried a project called BlabDroid robot, the robot's appearance can be said that this cottage Wall-E, which has the double big eyes and the voice of seven children, when this machine appeared in the crowd, Reben it found that people are not excluded and talk.
The artist believes that people have some sort of socialization projection machine. For example, when we secretly cursing the computer crashes, printer jams, in fact, is a personification of emotional projection. Reben believe that people are social animals, when everything around us towards smart, we also need to give the social attributes of these objects, to meet their own needs.
Conversely, the more people have the characteristics of the device, the more vulnerable people's favorite.

In one experiment in Amsterdam, the small robot BlabDroid pedestrians to ask "Who is your favorite?", And after asking the respondents answered, "You are now willing to immediately call TA it?" One answer is "mother, "the female respondents were then wept in front of the robot, because her mother had passed away. Although this is a case beyond the original intention of the research team, but Reben think this is precisely reflect the human machine also has a social dependency, even if they exist inside and lifeless. iRobot CEO had earlier revealed that 80 percent of customers will take the name of their cleaner robots.
With advances in technology, the robot appears to work in our lives even have to be able to see in the future. But in addition to providing excellent efficiency, we must anticipate an early human robot acceptance issues.
This is reminiscent of the "Alien" movie in Cyborg, Cyborg first episode appeared in the movie series is perfect, never missed doing things, but in the end had indeed sent the killer behind the spacecraft. • Later, James Cameron's "Aliens," the man who is indeed a positive role in the role, in order to highlight the human side of the robot, the director deliberately arranged in acrobatics scene, because mistakes injure the robot hand plot.
Reben that the current robot manufacturers increasingly aware of this, for example by the introduction of industrial robots rethink robot Baxter broke the conventional general operating machinery, production lines and machinery generally not the same, it is equipped with a display robot "expression" of the screen, through the window that workers can learn the situation of the robot, such as when the robot show his face troubled expression, proven production line has gone wrong.
But design is also a problem, not to say robots blindly go to ground gas line is an excellent interactive design. As Office virtual assistant "small pin" Clippy is too fond of brush and makes sense of presence bothered. We also have a social side of successful robot examples, such as voice assistant Siri, is one of the classic classic representative.
Currently, Reben is testing a project he conceived as a machine to add defects, will make it with the people closer together. He discussed that if robots like humans, there is a deviation to do anything, whether that allows humans and robots more harmonious?
OK, but I also have a question: If one day robots do things vague, what purpose we are made ​​out of them?


An endless supply of spring surprise GODIVA Godiva chocolate dessert Series Spring 2014

GODIVA Godiva Chocolate
GODIVA Godiva chocolate story originated in Europe Coventry: Leofric Earl heavy tax purposes to the people, the beautiful wife of the Earl Lady Godiva kind can not bear to see the plight of the people, then the husband seeking a reduction in taxes. They bet if Lady Godiva riding naked body only hair naked lap around the city, if the people of the entire Coventry City have closed the doors and windows do not peek, Earl of reducing taxes. The following morning, Lady Godiva rode naked around the city, while the city's population is respectfully closed doors, without leaving home. Earl Leofric promises ultimate honor, and the legend of Lady Godiva countless people were still widely read.

In 1926, Pierre Draps in Brussels, Belgium created the first one Rong hazelnut chocolate. Inspired by the spirit of Lady Godiva, Godiva this kind of courage, passion and generosity of spirit into the chocolate arts among today in tempting Godiva chocolate will contain the enthusiasm of his wife, pure, noble, style and courage , enough to win the hearts of tasters.
GODIVA Godiva has 450 stores in 75 countries and regions worldwide, whether it is the United States, France, Japan, China, the United Kingdom or the Republic of Korea, so Belgium's top chocolate, stirring up the taste buds of the world. 
An endless supply of spring surprise
GODIVA Godiva in the spring and summer of this year brought an endless supply of surprises for you and your loved ones! GODIVA 2014 Spring Series will be held online activities - Midsummer happy projectors, and you build sweet memories of warm summer. A series of concessions and surprises along with 2014 spring and summer series is full you run, so your entire 2014 summer sweet GODIVA it!

GODIVA Godiva chocolate soft ice cream classic
16 franchise stores nationwide sale
Classic chocolate soft serve ice cream
GODIVA first introduced this year, the classic chocolate soft ice cream, presents an unprecedented taste buds experience, as you erase the hot summer, and cool colors added. Cool classic chocolate ice cream taste fine silky soft, decorated with chocolate sauce fragrant aroma, mellow chocolate temptation of flipping your heartstrings, triggered through the heart of refreshing feeling! Wafer edge stained chocolate shortbread ice cream cones, so taste the ultimate sublimation! Structured slowly melt in your mouth delicious, slowly lingering in Chunchi Jian lingering.

GODIVA Godiva White Chocolate Matcha Bingying
To bring you a fresh feeling hard to resist
Matcha White Chocolate Bingying
Following the cranberry dark chocolate, mint chocolate, dark chocolate and milk chocolate Bingying, GODIVA launched in 2014 spring limited funds attracted new flavors - green tea white chocolate Bingying. Fresh oil spilled on the fine green tea powder, Ganxiang its rich taste and sweet white chocolate blended into a unique seductive taste. Small sip, fresh, thorough and to the rushing cold, white chocolate mixed with a light astringent taste and sweet aroma of meaning, in the teeth dispersion, long breath fully dissolved in the spring and summer GODIVA white chocolate Bingying of Matcha. This fresh green, will also be launched this summer on the streets of another "wipe" movement.

GODIVA Godiva chocolate ice cream series
Cool, creamy and delicate taste buds experience
Chocolate ice cream series
Belgian Royal Queen GODIVA chocolate brand has been founded since 1926, has always been committed to bringing an unparalleled experience for the taste buds of chocolate lovers, draw full of surprises sweet time. GODIVA continue to offer this spring and summer at the popular chocolate ice cream series, the brand has always been adhering to the delicate, fragrant with creamy ice cream for your hot summer driving and irritability, delicious temptations hard to resist. Chopped milk chocolate ice cream, dark chocolate, chopped white chocolate ice cream, Belgian dark chocolate ice cream, strawberry ice cream and caramel chocolate chip ice cream, chocolate chips - five flavors, taste buds bring the ultimate experience for your presence in the summer a good time.


Why is this blue cheese flavor?

Why is this blue cheese flavor
Blue cheese blue lines on a mold called Penicillium Roquefort, is a fungus early cheese making special added. It is also because of the presence of this fungus, we can appreciate the unique taste of this banquet. So, why should you want to add cheese fungus in it? And why would emit blue cheese unpleasant smell it?
First, the birth of the legendary blue cheese
It is said, was born in France blue cheese Roquefort region (Roquefort), it was a wonderful accident occurred in the Roman period. At that time people will cheese on a wet and hot cooked into the cave, but some of the cheese was matured for too long because the cause mold to grow. For the time people who abandon such valuable food indeed a pity, then a brave guy to come first taste of this cheese is full of stench, he found himself not poisoned, but feel that this long mold cheese taste absolutely fabulous. Thus, the blue cheese so was born, it also allows people to really appreciate the taste of bacteria.

Second, the process of making blue cheese
Before fully mature cheese, producers will poke a few holes to allow oxygen to enter the cheese on the cheese inside the purpose of doing so is to allow the fungus can grow in the cheese inside. The fungus cheese fat and protein decomposition, so he left a lot of holes in the cheese, and fungus breeding in these pores produce what we see blue lines. These molds are not toxic, but also in the cheese does not generate toxic substances inside, so we can be safe to eat.

Third, the three major typical blue cheese
Many types of blue cheese, and thus has many different flavors and characteristics, which only depends on the material and the added material used, but also on the species, aging time, and aging of the environment. However, the taste of a rich, salty taste is a common characteristic slip of blue cheese. Every year we have hundreds of species in the manufacture of blue cheese, but the most typical of which three kinds:
1, Roquefort cheese (Foquefort)
Country of Origin: France
Ingredients: Goat
Features: sweet, concise style, quality wet, brittle
2, Old Gang Zola cheese (Gorgonzola)
Origin: Italy
Ingredients: Milk
Features: sweet, smooth
3, Stilton cheese (Stilton)
Location: United Kingdom
Ingredients: Milk
Features: spice or pepper flavor, texture relatively hard