Vacheron Constantin launched the second set of "infinite universe" limited sets of tables

The new series of watches vividly demonstrates Vacheron Constantin skilled craft masters infinite creativity, but also to convey Chujiang contiguity Vacheron Constantin since its inception has been relentlessly perfect watchmaker and culture. History, present and future meet at this new series of watches, the brand's master craftsman showing despite facing severe challenges in the tabulation process, still with excellent talent, meticulous professionalism and creative inspiration, and finally successfully deal with the challenges .
Métiers d'Art Les Univers Infinis launched a new series of three watch combines a variety of techniques, checkerboard flat paved process used to make it deter people exudes charm. In addition, gold and mother of pearl fine mosaic is Vacheron Constantin's Art Masters Series for the first time as a new technology highlights, combining sculpture, painted enamel, precious stones and machine carved carving process, on the dial to create geometric, rich dynamic and symbolic picture perfect illusion intertwined (trompe l'oeil). Dial by a repeating pattern to fill interwoven, creating a great sense of infinite perspective effect, equipped with white gold case, showing exquisite and elegant atmosphere. Slim bezel design allows the dial to the maximum extent rendered, elegant hollow pointer was guilloché sculpture provides ample space for interpretation.

Watch via Geneva Seal certified, equipped with self-developed by Vacheron Constantin and manufactured 2460 model automatic winding mechanical movement. Which movement is not only reliable, but also uphold the tradition of Haute Horlogerie manufacture, hand-polished. Through the sapphire crystal case back can clearly see the inside corner, hand-decorated movement side polished polished, round grain pattern through the main decorative plywood, decorated with Geneva corrugated deck, and decorated with elegant intertwined machine engraved pattern carved gold oscillating weight.

"Angel" watch: hand-carved, machine engraved and carved large fire enamel paint process
This fascinating exhibit on the watch dial Angels & Demons opposing sharp contrast, highly symbolic and aesthetic meaning. Angels in the light and dark devil sneak between mutually balanced, evenly matched. Watch taken from Ai snow "round limit", the use of unlimited extension from the center to the surrounding decor repetitive elements, and sculpture, enamel paint and machine engraved carved craft cleverly integrated into each design, superb ground exhibit feeling of depth and bright mirror effect.

"Lizard" watch: hand-carved, painted a large fire enamel, precious stones inlaid and carved carved craft machine
Red and brown lizard on the dial or inlaid with precious stones, silver glowing light or flash, are demonstrating their life, charming and beautiful dynamic. Watch obtained from the Dutch artist's prints "lizard" inspired blend of four ancient decorative craft, but Shaw was the picture but wonderful shape.

"Knight" watch: hand-carved with fine gold and mother of pearl inlay
Turkey heroic knight with extraordinary gold and mother of pearl inlay outline is made of fine, proud of their unique style dash on the dial fully. Gold and mother of pearl bright colors, under the mutual authentic feel more enjoyable.

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