The world eat expensive dinner

Head plate: the most expensive caviar

The world's most expensive caviar, not black caviar, not grey roe, but "Almas caviar" by Iran's export, it is made of bleaching HuangYu, box outer layer is coated with gold foil. London, a box of weight is 32 ounces of Almas caviar sells for $25000 (170000 yuan), came for two tablespoons of meal, if feel the beginning of the meal is a bit too?
Staple food: the most expensive pasta

If you want to taste the most expensive pasta, may need you to go to a trip to the United States. You need to find a restaurant in New York called BiCE, because it launched the world's most expensive pasta. This pasta is priced at $2013, with two pounds of fresh Maine lobster, an ounce of black truffle, and wild fungus and other organic vegetables. Cheng fang pasta dish with versace is classic. The restaurants, said a spokesman for the plate of spaghetti essence is paired with wild mushrooms, fresh ingredients, lobster, black truffles, etc.
Staple food: the most expensive pizza

If you think that the Italian powder also can't let you satisfied, then you can eat the most expensive pizza. The world's most expensive pizza is an Italian chef Leonard, viola made "Louis xviii. The price of a piece of Louis xviii pizza up to 8300 euros. Viola said: "pizza with food raw material is unique, they made a special trip to the store to ask me to give them make Louis xviii, can say the price is not deliberately exaggerated."
This pizza is conducted according to the requirements of customers customized, equipped with a pizza three caviar, red crayfish etc. Several valuable lobster, make salt for the this kind of pizza is not ordinary sea salt, but from Australia's Murray salt.
Sweet: the most expensive pancakes

After the staple food, started sweet time. Recently in London, the world's most expensive pancake baked, each cost up to 800 pounds. Why a pancake can sell this price? This is because this is not a simple pancakes, it with pink champagne, lobster, truffle and caviar, even the material is tall, also no wonder the price is high.
Dessert: ice cream most expensive

After the full whether very want to a cold ice cream? Serendipity 3 restaurants in New York launched nearly 15700 pounds of rich dessert "ice chocolate flavor", become the world's most expensive dessert. 28 species of rare and expensive restaurant for cocoa, and put the 24 k on the pudding edible gold leaf, even the spoon is also made from RMB 94000 gems. The pudding in a crystal glass, cup neck around 18 k gold, again above with white diamonds.
Don't get excited, remember to make an appointment first before eating the ice cream.

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