The tip of the tongue on the furniture You hold yourself back?

Biscuit and cake table chair
Sandwich biscuit table
Have you ever thought one day you can sit a cupcake, eat your meals on sandwich biscuit? This by designer Boggy Chan to dessert for the element of the design of dining-room furniture will allow you to increase appetite, but the only thing to note is when hungry, never bit it up.
Cake chair
Designers from the sense of touch and texture design a set of dessert furniture, in order to let all have fun and comfort, designers in the material up and down a lot of kung fu.
true to life
Pizza sleeping bags
Pizza sleeping bags
See total can induce an appetite to instantly, pizza is so delicious. If pizza into a sleeping bag, would you stop? Esque, stylist is such this pizza sleeping bag, 5 feet wide 3 feet long recycled cotton pure handmade, not only style is special, and the lining is made of silk fabrics, which is comfortable and luxurious. This "pizza" done, end of the surrounding edge pizza was pillow, mushroom, broccoli, sausage. Don't assume that the above material was useless, they are hold pillow. These can be placed at random position "vegetables" pillow, is both delicious and warm, very interesting.
Pizza sleeping bags
Bread furniture
sleep in the bread
Sleep in the bread? You read that right, really is sleeping in the "bread". Recently, a series of bread style of household products in Japan market, caused a sensation, in consumer demand. Designers proceed design of this series of household products include sleeping bag, toast, croissants square cushion, egg pancake duvets, etc. If you put all the furniture in the bedroom, feel hungry will go in?
Sandwich becomes slightly

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