Pomlellato treasure, landau gift 2014 mother's day

In may for a special day of spring and gorgeous looks, mother's day in 2014, Italy advanced jewelry brand POMELLATO treasure, Orlando by choose the brand logo Nudo series gift and the great mother. New diamond Nudo and Nudo Petit (mini) birth order Nudo family increasingly grandeur, to create unique personality mother fall in love.
Platinum and rose gold inlaid amethyst ring
Diamond NUDO
Nudo, treasure, Orlando jewelry is a darling of the world's most prestigious in the family, by beauty of the diamond crystal, strong opened a new chapter. With white gold rings do add elegant white diamonds, make Nudo Maxi (large) ring more show precious. Shop is set on the platinum ring is the selection of radiant beauty, and big blue topaz stone, amethyst and lemon crystal bright attractive in photograph echo, the color for the mother played beautiful. The ear of the small earrings hook is the same with transparent line spread beauty, pure and fresh and chic.
Platinum and rose gold, blue topaz stone that amethyst and diamond and diamond, lemon crystal and diamond
Platinum and rose gold, blue topaz stone that lemon crystal and diamond and diamond, amethyst and diamonds                
Petit  NUDO
Inheritance treasure, Orlando focus on detail design concept, in 2014, Nudo series respect Asian women, designed for Asian women slight build mini ring finger, color is rich, but person and lovable, especially the young hot mama don't miss the water mark.
Rose gold and platinum with blue topaz stone, green amethyst, lemon crystal, Madeira stone, amethyst

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