Wine is tasted the aroma and taste of knowledge

For a man who love wine, enjoy fine wine from acme is nothing more than those who let a person god fan and difficult to forget the aroma and taste, by the sensual contact to meet the spiritual enlightenment, and this kind of experience can only needs absolutely not talk can fully to unwind. All of these, it is also the pleasure of wine.
However, don't be deterred by the spiritual pursuit of this wine is tall, as just beginning to understand wine lovers, we can through many representational concept to strengthen their knowledge of wine. Today, we would like to understand first four primary concepts about wine: climate, geography, and artificial.
Climatic conditions as an important conditions for the growth of the wine has been Portugal's farmers are most concerned about natural factors. A lot of old world wines, relies on to decide. Grape growing in France, for example, the law can't be watered, plenty of sunshine and adequate rainfall is the key to the yield and quality of this year
Which year if the field before harvest time of the heavy rain, the grape growing after the heavy rain and big, juicy fruit that must be a Portuguese farmers the most sad thing. More excellence of the chateau, even because of adverse weather conditions and give up this year's brew (see Michel XU written "2002, no" iron dragon "wine"), so the weather influence on wine quality.
Geography is a comprehensive word, it is a combination of location, topography, soil structure (soil) for content. Such as in Burgundy is given priority to with the river slope, so we common legal origin name famous are:
Côtede Nuits
Côtede Beaune
Côte Châlonnaise
And on these slopes, from near and far away from the river and the grape quality high and low terrain.
Near the river is too easy to absorb moisture, the grape root is not deep, deep draw less than land of minerals, the administrative levels is not strong in taste, so the higher terrain makes grape root deeper to get more nutrients. But if the highest point of slope, also influence due to lower temperature than grapes taste
Soil structure is the important condition of effects on the final outcome of the wine taste. Soil contains rich minerals, the taste of the wine will be thick. And soil containing chert (flint) will make wine taste contains peculiar smoky taste. In the soil of the iron law of wine have the effect of shading.
Comprehensive climate and geographical conditions, also became the "and" we hear a lot. About "and" a variety of interpretation, the industry gurus version has given a lot of different opinions, we speak only the specific climate, geography, in fact "and" in a certain sense also saturated with historical and cultural accumulation, here we just ignore the first small factors, only keep the key.
Also because of this "and" two words of abstract feeling let everyone think this is a wine of senior level connoisseur to understand the concept of the word is actually based on the specific knowledge of the formation of the rich.
According to climate condition choose grape varieties, what kind of topography, soil and climate suitable for what kind of varieties of grapes. As a result, a few name region in France's main grape varieties are different. Side water and soil have a grape, because the land features combination suitable for growing grapes.
Such as bordeaux red grape varieties are mainly Merlot  and Cabernet Sauvignon, Burgundy red grape varieties are mainly Pinot Noir,, rhone valley, Syrah and is the main red grape varieties Grenache.
After nearly a year of cultivation, grapes, mostly to god defend me from my decision, but also not to say that the Portuguese farmers such as wandering about grapes planted can harvest. From growing when brewed for the final set a clear goal, which is the biggest characteristic of the old world from the new world wine wine.
In order to ensure that the taste of the wine, grape is not only productive, only produce a small amount and quality of grape will reach the expected quality, so the Portuguese farmers throughout the growing season to control the growth period of grape.
At the time of harvest will also because farmers receive means different and affect the quality of the wine. Such as crop can be divided into: choice, the whole unified harvest; String of chosen, according to grape maturity according to string of harvest; The most high-quality goods is LiXuan only conform to the standards of the grapes are collected.
When the grape harvest is completed, the spotlight is on the winemaker. If the Portuguese farmers grow like a hard work behind the scenes, so much-anticipated winemaker is front of the performer. This means that behind the small mistake can make up for, but in front of the show is must be the slightest showed no difference. In the whole brewing process, the winemaker of wine the target will be directly related to the quality of the wine, sometimes winemaker tendency of personal interest is also the important factors that affect the wine.
When you know the weather, climate, variety, and the basic knowledge of human, you can be so confident, and never to taste scratching their heads anymore. This is "tasting division course at the university of French wine on the part of what they have learned, a dragonfly water slightly about the basic knowledge of French wine.
If you really like wine, the knowledge system can be a process of accumulation, slowly when you enjoy the varieties of enough wine, believe in yourself to summarize these knowledge will have a self.
Let all learn from love.

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